Original Minutes from Faculty Senate Meeting - March 27, 2002

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Attendees: Georges Belfort, Nancy Campbell, President Linnda Caporael, Stephen Derby, Mark Embrechts, Gary Gabriele, Linda Layne, Steve Liddy, Robert Messler, John Mitchell, Bruce Nauman, Jonathan Newell, Ralph Noble, Randy Norsworthy, Peter Persans, Provost Bud Peterson, Mark Rea, Susan Sanderson, Trina Sego, Mary Anne Staniszewski, Don Steiner, Bruce Watson

President Caporael brought the meeting to order at 2:08pm. She introduced Peter Persans as the new Vice President of the Faculty Senate. Persans will become the President of the Faculty Senate next year, replacing Don Drew who stepped down to attend to his new position as Chair of the Math Department.

The minutes of the February 20, and March 5, meetings of the Faculty Senate were approved with minor corrections.

President Caporael announced that the Executive Committee asked the chairs of the standing committees to submit recommendations for a white paper on the Administration's policies. The Planning & Resource Committee will prepare the report. The Curriculum Committee unanimously endorsed the goal of improving graduate education, but argued that the transition plan needed to be modified. (Attachment here) They also recommend, after review by the Executive Committee, that an amendment to the constitution regarding representation from the IT program on the Curriculum Committee be submitted for Faculty approval (Handout here) Peter Persans, new chair of the Nominations Committee, listed the various open positions. The Promotion and Tenure Committee had no information to present. President Caporael announced that Al Wallace would chair a committee to revise the Faculty Handbook.
The Hartford Committee reported its concern over hiring and promotion of clinical faculty. The committee requested a discussion of these topics at the next Faculty Senate meeting on April 24th.

A lengthy discussion ensued regarding revising the existing Sexual Harassment policy. Other than grammatical errors, its ambiguity was cited, as well as its seeming lack of enforceability. Although motion to accept the document with the grammatical changes was proposed, and a second, it was decided to table the discussion until the next meeting of the Faculty Senate.

The role of Faculty Senate in policy development and implementation for the Institute was discussed. Concern was expressed that faculty have had little input into recent decisions by the Administration.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:03.

July 8, 2004