Original Minutes from Faculty Senate Meeting - November 7, 2001

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Attendees:Kurt Anderson, Linnda Caporael, President, Don Drew, Prabhat Hajela, Gary Gabriele, Gerald Korenowski, Linda Layne, Achille Messac, Jonathan Newell, Randy Norsworthy, Mark Rea, Susan Sanderson, Trina Sego, Don Steiner Mary Anne Waltz, Bruce Watson.

President Caporael called the meeting to order. Minutes of the October 10, 2001 meeting were approved. After approval, however, Susan Sanderson made a motion to attach Rensselaer's core values to the October 10 minutes. The motion was defeated. The minutes of the October 24, 2001 meeting were then approved with a minor correction.

The President requested reports from the Standing Committees. Don Drew, Chair of the Promotion and Tenure Committee, reported that their deliberations would be completed in ten days.

Mark Rea made a report on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee's trip to the Hartford campus on October 17 and the following meeting with Provost Peterson on October 30, 2001. In summary, three issues concerned the Hartford faculty: sense of disenfranchisement, concern that Rensselaer's new direction will not continue to serve the existing constituents in CT, frustration for ignoring their long-standing service to Rensselaer. The Provost articulated the administration's commitment to "One Rensselaer," although he acknowledged that this definition is evolving. Tenure-track positions will become part of the Hartford campus and they will adhere to the same standards as those in Troy. Provost Peterson was clear that Hartford must define its own reason for excellence.

After discussion, a Standing Committee for Hartford was approved. Susan Sanderson was elected Chair. The committee is charged with developing a transition plan for faculty at Hartford consistent with the "One Rensselaer" doctrine.

Don Drew reported on the Committee on Campus Response to Global Terrorism. Drew explained that Atsushi Akera presented a report to the Provost, who approved funding for ongoing efforts. Hence, the report did not need Faculty Senate support. The committee was terminated after thanks were expressed to the Chair.

At the start of the academic year, Provost Peterson asked the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSXC) to revise the Faculty Handbook. The FSXC chose to focus first on the Promotion and Tenure process because it directly affects all faculty. Moreover, it was acknowledged that the Dean of Faculty position in the Handbook no longer exists, and that the Provost's role and title need to be integrated into the document. It was decided to table the discussion on how the Faculty Senate would address revisions to the Handbook.

President Caporael introduced Tom Apple, the new Dean of Graduate Education, who reported on his plans for Rensselaer's Graduate Programs. His major goals are to improve the quality of Graduate Education and to attract the best students. After an engaging discussion, Dean Apple was formally thanked for his presentation and appearance before the Senate.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM.

July 8, 2004