Original Minutes from Faculty Senate Meeting - October 24, 2001

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Attendees: Kurt Anderson, Sharon Anderson-Gold, Georges Belfort, Linnda Caporael (President), Stephen Derby, Don Drew, Mark Embrechts, Gary Gabriele, Prabhat Hajela, Gerald Korenowski, Linda Layne, Robert Messler, John Mitchell, Jonathan Newell, Ralph Noble, G.P. Bud Peterson (Provost), Joel Plawsky, Michael Podowski, Mark Rea, Henry Scarton, Don Steiner, Steven Van Dessel, Mary Anne Waltz, Bruce Watson.

President Linnda Caporael brought the meeting to order at 2 pm. A motion of approval of the minutes of the October 10 meeting was made by Ralph Noble and seconded by Prabhat Hajela. Before the motion carried, Jonathan Newell pointed out that the minutes did not reflect what actually took place. A discussion followed, and it was agreed that the minutes of October 10 should reflect the fact that the document submitted to the Faculty Senate by Noble concerning the events of September 11 was discussed and that the Senate formally accepted the three core values submitted by Noble, but not the preamble to those core values. It was agreed that the minutes of October 10 would be revised and the document submitted by Ralph Noble would be attached.

President Caporael tabled approving the minutes from October 10 until the next meeting. She then asked for reports from the standing committees. No substantive issues were presented by Noble (Chair, Planning and Resource Committee) and Don Drew (Chair, Promotion and Tenure Committee). President Caporael noted that no one was in attendance from the Curriculum Committee. She asked for a report from Drew, Chair of one ad-hoc committee emanating from September 11th. After much discussion, it was agreed that he would make a committee report at the next meeting of the Faculty Senate.

President Caporael then asked Provost Peterson to discuss supplemental pay. Provost Peterson stated that there is no clear policy statement regarding supplemental pay. He provided several examples of inconsistent use of supplemental pay, underscoring the need for a standard compensation procedure. Much discussion followed. A number of people pointed out various possible ramifications of a standard compensation procedure that did not properly consider teaching loads, research, PhD advising, independent studies, distance learning, and summer instruction. Provost Peterson concluded that he would like to see a policy developed that would set faculty expectations regarding normal duties and bases for supplemental pay.

President Caporael then asked for input from the Senators regarding the upcoming General Faculty Meeting on November 28. She asked Prabhat Hajela to give an update as Chair of the General Faculty meeting. Chair Hajela asked for any items to be added to the agenda because he would like to finalize plans at the next Executive Committee meeting. Bruce Watson suggested discussion of the role of the new Dean of the Graduate School as it relates to a perceived movement by the Administration to centralize functions across the Institute. Other topics that were suggested, included compensation and supplemental pay. It was also stressed that there should be enough time for interaction between the faculty and the President.

President Caporael then asked Henry Scarton (Chair of the Parking Review Board) and Claude Rounds (Vice President of Administration) to make their presentations regarding Campus Parking.

Scarton made a brief presentation followed by a formal presentation by Rounds. Discussion centered on two issues. First, the Administration recognizes that there will be a significant shortfall of parking spaces after the Parking Garage is built. Second, shuttle bus operation will be a permanent addition to the campus. Claude Rounds pointed out that a meeting was scheduled for the following day where many details would be decided, and that he would appreciate having an opportunity to make another presentation to the Faculty Senate at a future time.

Don Steiner made a motion to adjourn, Prabhat Hajela seconded. The meeting adjourned at 4pm.

August 24, 2004