Original Minutes from Faculty Senate Meeting - October 10, 2001

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Attendees: Kurt Anderson, Linnda Caporael (President), Steve Derby, Don Drew, Gary Gabriele, Prabhat Hajela, Gerald Korenowski, Jon Newell, Ralph Noble, Randy Norsworthy, Bud Peterson (Provost), Mark Rea, Susan Sanderson, Trina Sego, Don Steiner, Mary Anne Waltz, Bruce Watson.

President Caporael opened the meeting at 3:10pm. Motion made by Drew to accept minutes of last meeting, seconded by Hajela.

Agenda approved with one correction; "Performance and Tenure committee" should be "Promotion and Tenure committee."

Report from Drew, chair of Promotion and Tenure Committee, that there were few cases being reviewed this semester. Report from Noble, chair of Planning and Resources Committee, that the Performance Planning Retreats were progressing. Noble stressed the importance of faculty involvement in the process.

Hajela led the discussion surrounding the agenda for the upcoming general Faculty Meeting. Few items were suggested, and President Caporael requested every senator to consult their constituents for suggested topics and report back at the next meeting.

President Caporael led the discussion of items for the upcoming visit by the Executive Committee to the Hartford campus on Oct. 17. Sego reported concerns over the new direction for Hartford and reported that many of the faculty feel disenfranchised. Derby reinforced the notion that there was little happening to reduce that anxiety. Provost Peterson reported that two tenure track positions would be advertised soon and that the search would be nationwide.

Two ad hoc committees concerned with the events of September 11 were formed during the previous meeting of the Faculty Senate. Chairs reported to the Senate. Chair Noble presented a document entitled "Rensselaer's core values" comprised of three core values and a two-part preamble. Senator Newell moved to accept the document without the first part of the preamble, and the motion was seconded by Senator Anderson. After much discussion, the motion was amended to delete the second part of the preamble and the three core values were formally accepted by the Faculty Senate.

Chair Drew provided a short statement for the Senate to consider which, in effect, stated that the Faculty Senate supported the activities of the Center for Ethics and Complex Systems as they relate to the events of September 11. Drew further stated that the ad hoc committee had voted to disband. This item was tabled for discussion at the next meeting of the Faculty Senate.

A motion to adjourn was made and seconded. The meeting adjourned at 4:00pm.

July 8, 2004