Question 2001 Faculty Senate-Final Results from WebCT, emailed & faxed votes                                         WebCT



                              1      Vice-President                                                                                                                      Don Drew (Math)


                              2      Recording Secretary                                                                                                            Mark Rea (Architecture)


                              3      Senator from H&SS                                                                                                             Linda Layne (STS)


                              3      Senator from Management                                                                                                 Susan Sanderson


                              5      Senator from Library                                                                                                            Mary Anne Waltz


                              6      Senator-at-Large                                                                                                                  Bruce Watson

                                                                                                                                                                                      Don Steiner

                                                                                                                                                                                      Jon Newell


                              7      P & T Committee: Engineering                                                                                           Ricardo Dorbry


                              8      P & T Committee: H&SS                                                                                                     Michael Halloran


                              9      Planning and Resources                                                                                                     Steven Van Dessel


                            10      Planning and Resources                                                                                                     John Brunski

                                      Committee - Engineering


                            11      Curriculum Committee                                                                                                         Mike Abbott



                            12      Curriculum Committee                                                                                                         Sonja Krause




                            13      Election Committee                                                                                                              Gary Judd



                            14      Election Committee                                                                                                              Sandy Stemetein





                           1 5      Add a representative from                                                                                                  Yes                   114

                                      Hartford to the Faculty Senate                                                                                          No                    23


                           1 6      Full participation of clinical faculty as members of the Faculty Senate                                                33

                                      Add a representative of the clinical faculty from Rensselaer to the Faculty Senate                           73

                                Neither of the above                                                                                                                                      36


                   1 7      References to voting by mail ballot                                                                                   Yes                    136

                                include voting by electronic ballot                                                                                   No                         6