Sign Policy


All students and student organizations are expected to abide by the campus sign policy, which is detailed below.  These policies were developed to regulate the style, content, and posting of signs and posters as a means of reducing the litter and visual clutter on campus.  It is important that these policies be reviewed before signs are posted.


I.   Definitions


A.     The term "sign," as used herein, refers to nonpermanent written or graphic material on paper, cardboard, cloth, or other materials placed on public display for the purpose of advertising or information dissemination,


B.      Only those advertising activities of the Institute or Russell Sage College and their departments will be considered official signs.


II.      Style and Content


A.     Signs must not contain anything of a nature directly maligning any person or group, The Institute reserves the right to remove signs deemed to be in poor taste, in unsightly condition, or conveying inaccurate or outdated information.


B,      The name of the group or person posting the sign must be on each sign.


C.      Unofficial signs which advertise goods and services must indicate the date of posting.


D.     Signs may be carried as long as they do not disrupt classes, traffic, or other educational and administrative functions of the Institute or members of the community.


E.         All signs must include the date of the advertised event.


III.        Posting Signs


A.         Locations for posting signs:

1. Outdoor signs may be posted only on campus bulletin    boards.

2.            Outdoor signs must be posted on Institute buildings, telephone or power poles, trees, fences, doors, outdoor pillars, or windows.

   3.    Signs must not be posted on the internal walls and doors of any building except as permitted by those having jurisdiction over that building.  A group may remove an outdated sign to place a new sign on a bulletin board.  All removed signs must be disposed of properly.


B.      Properly posted signs must not be removed prior to the event(s) advertised unless the group which posted the signs authorizes such removal.  Unofficial signs which advertise goods and services may be removed two weeks after posting.


C.      Signs must not be posted in such a way as to cover or obscure signs already on display.


D.      No sign may be posted in unreasonable quantity in any particular space,




E.      Nails or any material damaging to the environment must m be used to post signs.  Signs may be mounted on bulletin boards only with thumbtacks and staples.  Nails, tape, string, adhesive backed signs (bumper sticker type) and direct application of paint to any surface are prohibited.


F.      Signs remaining uncovered on bulletin boards must be removed by the groups, which pasted them within three school days following the event,


G.      Signs placed or carried in a building must comply with rules established by those having jurisdiction over that building.


IV.        Use of Outdoor Bulletin Boards Meant Specifically for Sign Display Purposes


A.      Only the following classes of signs may be posted on bulletin boards

1.       Signs advertising activities of the institute and Russell Sage College and affiliated groups (e.g., Chapel Cultural Center);

2.       Signs advertising events of interest to the Rensselaer community sponsored by other colleges;

3.       Signs advertising area cultural and social events; or

4.       Non-Institute related commercial and political advertising.


B.      On those bulletin boards or portions thereof restricted to use for certain classes of signs, as detailed above, signs of other classes shall not be posted and are subject to immediate removal,


C.      No more than one of any particular sign may be posted on any bulletin board.


D.      Signs posted on bulletin boards may not exceed two feet in any orthogonal dimension.


E.      Locked outdoor bulletin board space shall be available to the Institute administration, Faculty Senate, and Student Government, to be divided and apportioned as these groups arrange.


V.      Enforcement of Rules


A.      Potential outcome of sign policy violations include:


1.      immediate removal of signs;

2.        disciplinary action.


B.      These rules will be superseded for student political signs during campaigning for student elections by the Election Rules passed by the Student Senate.


C.      In extraordinary cases, these rules may be waived by the Director of Student Activities, Grand Marshal, Dean of Students, Chairperson of the Faculty Senate, President or Vice Presidents of the Institute.  Disagreements concerning waiving and interpretation of rules shall be resolved through discussion by these parties.  Signs and banners are not typically permitted on the ]5th Street walkway bridge.  Any exception to this must be pre-approved by the Senior Director of Campus Planning and Facilities Design.


D.      Revisions to this policy must be approved by the Student Senate, the Faculty Senate, and the Office of the Dean of Students.