Department chairpersons are normally appointed for a fixed term by the president on the recommendation of the dean and the dean of the faculty.  Provision must be made for faculty opinion to be considered in making the appointments and must be part of the written record.  These appointments may be renewed.  A major, in-dedth peer review and evaluation of each chair will be performed one year prior to termination of the appointment or can be a petition from 20% of the facultv.  The review should include anonymous input from all the facultv of the department.





Deans are appointed by the president for indefinite terms after consultation with appropriate members of the university community.  A major, in-depth peer review and evaluation of each dean will be performed at least once every five years or can be initiated by a petition from 20% of the faculty.  The review should include anonymous input from all the facultv of the school.  When appointing deans who are not already faculty members, the review of the dean of the Provost is required.  Their appointments, like those of the faculty, are subject to approval of the board of trustees.


Deans and Chairs Evaluation by Faculty


Deans -

There is a statement in the Faculty Handbook.  Provost Peterson has provided memos from Byron Pipes and discuss evaluation process for the Deans, current review of Architecture Dean did involve input from entire faculty in School.


Chairs -

no statement for review in handbook.

Science has no formal process, done if Dean feels it is necessary - does not necessarily include input from all faculty.

H&SS - no formal policy

Engineering - policy from past Deans in place - no current evaluations taking place.

















          Evaluation every 5 years or at the written request of a simple majority of the tenure-track faculty in the appropriate School.  Suggest one dean a year perhaps starting with the oldest sitting dean and working forward.  Architecture, H&SS, Engineering Science and Management.


          Possible evaluation form attached




    Evaluation every 3 years or one year prior to end of appointment or at the written request of a simple majority of the department.  Committee member from that school would help identify chairs to be reviewed.


    Possible evaluation form attached.


1.         Committee of Faculty Senate should carry out the evaluations.

            a.            One tenure track faculty from each of the four schools

2.            Committee would distribute and collect a survey and compile the results, summarized data and abstracted comments would be transmitted to person reviewed and their immediate supervisor, Provost or Dean.

3.         The Dean would meet with the chair who was evaluated and then with the faculty of that department or the Provost would meet with the Dean and then report directly to the faculty of the school.

4.         The survey would have both an "objective" or multiple choice component and a space for comments.  It would be anonymous and add reporting back to the faculty should occur within the same semester that the survey was distributed.