Proposal for the formation of a joint Faculty-Student

Commission on Academic Integrity


The Student Senate wishes to propose the formation of a joint commission from the Student and Faculty Senates with the purpose of considering changes to the current academic integrity policies and procedures.


The membership of the committee shall be as follows:

      5 Undergraduate students, one from each school

      2 Graduate students

      7 Faculty members

      A representative of the Provost's Office (non-voting member)

      The Dean of Students, or representative thereof (non-voting member)


            The student members shall be appointed by the Grand Marshal and confirmed by a majority of the

Student Senate.  The composition and method of appointment of the Faculty members shall be

determined by the Faculty Senate.  It will be the responsibility of each Undergraduate student to gather

input from his school as is necessary, with attempt to represent all departments.  The chair of the

commission shall be elected by its membership, once at least five of its student seats and five of its

Faculty seats have been filled.  Members should be appointed no later than April 22, 2001.


The charge of the Commission on Academic Integrity shall be to investigate the Current state of the Institute's policies on and procedures for addressing academic integrity and dishonesty.  The commission will consult with the Provost's Office and tile Dean of Students in this investigation.  Upon determining current deficiencies in these policies and procedures, the commission will draft a proposal detailing amendments or new policies and procedures.  The process for developing this proposal will include reviewing the academic integrity policies of similar institutions and gathering input from students and faculty from as many diverse viewpoints as possible.  The commission will return a draft of this proposal in a report to each of the Student and Faculty Senates no later than December 1, 2001.