FSCC Activities Report

2000-2001 Academic Year





Past Activities

  Current Activities and Future Plans







            Faculty                                                                     Administration                                            


- Mary Anne Staniszewski (Co-Chair)                   Gary Gabriele


    - Kevin Craig (Co-Chair)                                                Sam Waite 


    - Larry Feeser                                                                       Robert Messler


    - Wally Kroner                                                                      Sharon Kunkel


    - Lois Peters                                                                  Larry Kagan


-         Dave Spooner                                                



                        - Will Bobrowsky

- Ayala Cnaan














Past Activities


            Review of Performance Planning


            - Gary Gabriele

            Undergraduate School


            - Bill Jennings


               Graduate School

               Distance Learning


             Program Reviews

           Course Additions, Deletions'.  Changes; Catalog Changes

           FSCC Web Page Review and Update

            Academic Calendar Review

                   Preliminary Review of Institute Writing Requirements and Writing Intensive Courses




Current and Future Activities


         Institute Writing Requirement and Writing Intensive Courses


         Institute Core Curriculum Review


         Impact of:

            4x4 Curriculum

            Laptop Computer Education

                    Innovation in Pedagogical Techniques