Deans and Chairs Evaluation by Faculty

Deans -


There is no formal process for faculty evaluation of the Deans.Provost Peterson has provided memos from Byron Pipes and Jim Meindl that discuss evaluation process for the Deans, however none involve input from the entire faculty of the School.


Chairs -

Science has no formal process, done if Dean feels it is necessary - does not necessarily include input form all faculty.


H&SS - no formal policy


Engineering - policy from past Deans in place - no current evaluations taking place.




1.Committee of Faculty Senate should carry out the evaluations.

a.One tenure track faculty from each of the four schools

2.Committee would distribute and collect a survey and compile the results, summarized data and abstracted comments would be transmitted to person reviewed and their immediate supervisor, Provost or Dean.

3.The Dean would meet with the chair who was evaluated and then with the facility of that department or the Provost would meet with the Dean and then report directly to the faculty of the school.

4.The survey would have both an "objective" or multiple choice component and a space for comments.It would be anonymous and add reporting back to the faculty should occur within the same semester that the survey was distributed.


Evaluation every 5 years or at the written request of a simple majority of the tenure-track faculty in the appropriate School.Suggest one dean a year perhaps starting with the oldest sitting dean and working forward.Architecture, H&SS, Engineering Science and Management.

Possible evaluation form attached


Evaluation every 4 years or at end term of appointment or at the written request of a simple majority of the department.Committee member from that school would help identify chairs to be reviewed.

Possible evaluation form attached.

The intent of this instrument is to provide a constructive assessment of the faculty's perceptions of the manner in which the Dean and the Office of the Dean are carrying out the missions of the school and the institute.As a starting point we assume that the dean is responsible for coordinating the activities of the school on a day to day basis, acquiring resources (including personnel space, funding, and information), distributing these resources to the faculty, and evaluating the use that faculty and academic units make of these resources.The Dean also plays a role as an intellectual leader for the school and as an advocate for the institute, the school the departments, and the individual faculty and @within the school.The dean also has a major role as liaison between the school the rest of the Institute and the larger community.

All responses will be kept anonymous.Please avoid making any identifying marks or comments.Data will be presented to faculty and the dean in form.

Using the following scale:

I=very effective

5=very ineffective
unable to judge
Please evaluate the performance of the Dean in the following areas:

1. The Management of Information

Evaluate how effectively the Dean and the Dean's Office provides you with timely information about the following topics as they relate to H&SS:

The Budget12345

Allocation of Resources12345


Faculty evaluations12345

Faculty raises12345

School Initiatives12345

Institute Initiatives12345


2.Evaluate the effectiveness of interactions between the Dean/Dean's Office with the constituencies listed below:





Department Chairs12345

H&SS Faculty12345


3.Evaluate the Dean's contribution to Funding and Development in the following areas:

Departmental funding efforts12345

Individual Funding efforts12345

Faculty team efforts12345

Initiation of new programs12345

Obtaining Institute resources12345

Obtaining external resources12345


4.Evaluate the Dean's effectiveness as an advocate for:

The Institute12345

The School12345

The Departments12345

Individual Faculty12345

Staff and Support Personnel12345

5.Evaluate the Dean's effectiveness as a Leader in the following areas:



Ability to foster cooperation12345

Ability to manage conflict12345



Intellectual Leadership12345

And Stimulation



Overall Comments:


Directions:Please rate your department head using the following categories.You may explain the ratings in the

Comment section.You do not need to sign your name.

No Basis




1.ADMINISTRATION - - Solving day-to-day

problems, scheduling, support services( )( )( ) ( )( )

2.PLANNING - establishing departmental vision 

And goals, formulating appropriate strategies( )( )( ) ( )( )

3.IMPLEMENTATION - accomplishes departments

objectives( )( )( ) ( )( )

4.LEADERSHIP - (a) provides direction, information,

encouragement support and -generates enthusiasm;

(b) shares decision-making.- with colleagues( )( )( ) ( )( )

5.COMMUNICATION - (a) listed carefully;

(b) meetings deal with relevant issues and not trivia( )( )( )( )( )

6.ADVOCACY -effectively represents the interests of:

(a) department (budgets and programs

(b) individuals (promotion, tenure, salary, etc.)( )( )( ) ( )( )


strength of the total Institute as well as the Department( )( )( ) ( )( )

8.STUDENT CONCERNS - sensitivity to studentt needs

and interests: (a) undergraduate ( )( )( ) ( )( )

(b) graduate( )( )( ) ( )( )

9.PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS - (a) evaluates me fairly

(b) evaluates others fairly'( )( )( ) ( )( )

10.FACULTY DEVELOPMENT - good efforts to mentor

and develop junior faculty( )( )( ) ( )( )


people, money, and equipment for the Department( )( )( ) ( )( )

12.Overall -how do you rate your department head?( )( )( ) ( )( )