Performance Planning

Status for Information

Infrastructure &


John E. Kolb





Rensselaer Plan Strategies


CIS will:


* Provide a technology infrastructure that is foremost in reliability, availability and responsiveness.

* Maintain a robust intellectual and human infrastructure consisting of responsive policies and tools.

* Claim ownership for creating the model of the future research library.

*  Demonstrate leadership in cutting edge information technology by supporting high-end computing.

*  Coordinate anti integrate campus information systems for knowledge management in support of decision-making.

* Upgrade its physical plant.







Strategic Planning - Information


Create a Strategic Planning and Development Group in CIS

*     to provide support and guidance for institute-Wide initiatives in information management, utilization, policies, and technology planning.



Vision and Mission


Vision: To provide a leading edge integrated information environment for the Rensselaer community.


Mission: Computing and Information Services (CIS) provides enabling information services and technology to the diverse Rensselaer community.  We collaborate with campus constituents to find solutions for changing education, research, communications and business needs.







CIS Emerging Priorities


Strategic Planning for Information Infrastructure

Networks and IT Infrastructure

Integrated Administrative Data and Architecture

New Research Library Model

Academic Computing/Research Support

Communication and Collaboration Tools



Network & IT Infrastructure


Upgrade the campus communications "physical plant."


      Upgrade campus communications facilities.


      Upgrade campus communications service.


      Examine new technologies & support new initiatives.



Integrated Administration Data & Architecture


  Improve administrative computing

              Manage and deliver technology

          Provide customer Support services

          End-user training to enable best use of availabletools 

Enable information services that support activities

  outside the classroom and laboratory.

Provide the community with centralized information systems for         university operations and decision making.

Create an institutional digital preservation policy for    enhanced access.



Academic Computing/Research


* Achieve full deployment of mobile computing

      For all undergraduates

    Integration in upper-level curricula


*  Increased support for research computing

    Provide "research-oriented" services


* Improve faculty use of technology in teaching

      Teaching and technology roundtables

      Extended support and training




New Research Library


   Provide seamless access to information resources

      That support the teaching, learning, and research activities


   Teach information literacy skills

      Same as consultants to facilitate the educational research, professional and administrative goals of campus constituents


   Apply state-of-the-art information management systems

    Develop strategies for collections and access

    Articulate new standards for defining the research library

   Upgrade the Libraries' physical plant

Comm./Collaboration Tools


    Establish highest possible quality Web presence

  A new organizational structure and new collaborative relationships to set strategy and leverage resources


   Expand support for campus-wide Web applications for communication and collaboration.


   Offer new and improved campus-wide applications for communication and collaboration.


   Provide expanded video services to the campus.