Develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) to hire a consultant to assist in developing a total reward system.


        Implement a total reward system that is market driven and addresses internal pay equity.


        Revise job descriptions to clarify behavior and performance expectations.


        Develop career ladders that are tied to job competencies.


        Revise performance evaluation process to measure expectations and to assist in career development.


        Revise recruitment and selection process to insure fair practice.





        Develop and implement grievance process that will include peer review.


        Revise and update HR policies and procedures.


        Develop and implement employee handbook.


        Develop and implement a Comprehensive Training and Staff Development Program.


        Develop and implement a standard Code of Conduct.


        Develop and implement instant recognition award appreciation program.(Letís catch people doing something right.)





                    Division and departmental meetings.


                    Develop and implement a new employee orientation program:


o      What is Rensselaer?

o      What benefits does Rensselaer offer you?

o      What are Rensselaerís expectations of you?


                    Newsletter outlining:


o      Key initiatives;

o      New hires;

o      Promotions;

o      Employee of the month.


                    Institute-wide Staff Communication Committee.


                    Continuous education regarding policies and procedures for faculty and staff.