The following positions on the Faculty Senate and its committees are open.  We are soliciting candidates for all positions.  A slate of candidates will be presented at the General Faculty Meeting of April 12, 2000.  Please check with your nominees to be certain that they would accept the nomination.  Return this form to:


Prabhat Hajela, Chair, Nominating Committee

5020 JEC, MEAE&M or

email with specific nominations by March 28, 2000


  1. Vice President (3 year term)
  2. Recording Secretary (3 year term)
  3. Senator from Architecture (2 year term)
  4. Senator from SoS (2 year term)
  5. Senator from SoE (2 year term)
  6. Senator At-Large (2 year term)- 3 positions open
  7. Curriculum Committee (3 year term)
    1. H&SS
    2. At-Large
  8. Election Committee (3 year term)
    1. H&SS
    2. Library
  9. Planning and Resource Committee (3 year term)
    1. H&SS
    2. Management
    3. Science
  10. Promotion and Tenure (3 year term- Professors only
    1. Management
    2. At-Large


Continuing Members of the Faculty Senate and its Committees

President: Prabhat Hajela, SoE

Chair of the Faculty: Michael H. Hanna, SoS

Secretary: Kim Fortun, H&SS

Secretary of the Faculty: Bob Parsons, SoS


            Romesh Diwan, H&SS

            Richard Leifer, SoM

            Amy Van Epps, Library

            Patrick Quinn, Ret.

            Jorge Haddock (At-Large)

            Peter Boyce (At-Large)

Curriculum Committee

            Kevin Craig, SoE

            Ken Warriner, SoA

            Lois Peters, SoM

            Jane Koretz, Sos

            David Spooner, At-Large

Election Committee

            Russell Leslie, SoA

            Daniel Berg, SoE

            Richard Leifer, SoM

            Harry Roy, SoS

Planning & Resources

            Anna Dyson, SoA

            Curtis Breneman, At-Large

            Bob Degeneff, At-Large

            Bruce Nauman, At-Large

Promotion & Tenure

            Wally Kroner, Architecture

            Don Drew, SoE

            Rena Bizios, SoE

            Mike Zenzen, H&SS

            Ron Gutmann, At-Large

            John Hudson, (nominated by Students)