P&R Proposal for Performance Plan Review for the Five Schools and Information Technology,

Professional and Distance Learning


We propose a two step process:


1.     For IT and PDE and for each school’s draft performance plan, P&R meets with school or program representatives and, together with those representatives, prepares a draft response.  The draft response is then presented to the Faculty Senate and after Senate endorsement, is forwarded to the respective Deans of Schools and heads of IT and PDE.  If needed a second response will be prepared for final versions of the performance plans followed by the same Senate endorsement process.


2.     Following the IT, PDE and individual school performance plan responses, P&R will prepare a collective response to all the plans.  This collective response will be presented to the Faculty Senate and after Senate endorsement, be forwarded to the heads of IT and PDE, the Deans of the Schools, and the Provost and President of the Institute.


The goal is to add value, to enhance the performance plan process with the Faculty Senate responses reflecting faculty perspective.  The rationale for the two step process is this: During the first step, P&R will gain the school (or IT or PDE) perspective for their individual plans, and can then address the collective plans in an informed way.  Some specific issues that P&R will react to are: How do the performance plans concur with the Rensselaer Plan?, Where bridging across disciplines can occur, how is it effected?, In highly competitive or new areas, what is, and what are the outcomes of a risk analysis?