9/9/99 11:03 PM

Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Education


The Research function fosters activity and promotes excellence in research and scholarship across the full range of academic disciplines and interdisciplinary activities. The Graduate Education function promotes doctoral and masters education at Rensselaer. The position reports to the Provost with concurrent oversight by the President. The areas that report to the Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Education include the Graduate Education Office, interdisciplinary laboratories, centers, and programs.


The Vice President for Research

  • works closely with the President and Provost in the development and implementation of policies and practices relating to all aspects of the research mission of the campus;
  • oversees the scientific and technological missions, infrastructure, and operations and staffing of existing and new interdisciplinary research centers at the Institute;
  • will develop new and maximize existing resources to enhance the research environment of the university;
  • is responsible for advancing and expanding the research enterprise of the Institute by identifying and prioritizing funding opportunities;
  • actively promotes interdisciplinary collaborations and centers at the university;
  • articulates the research component of Rensselaers vision and conveys to multiple constituencies the accomplishments of research at Rensselaer;
  • appoints directors of interdisciplinary research centers at the Institute;
  • promotes Rensselaer researchers in leadership roles for national discussion of research directions and priorities;
  • encourages the growth of excellent faculty and staff in interdisciplinary arenas by:

1.      providing advice and assistance to the academic units in making strategic faculty hires that promote Institute-wide priorities and

2.      direct involvement in the hiring of non-tenure track research staff in strategic thrust arenas;


  • interacts with public and private sources of support for university research activities;
  • actively seeks interdisciplinary partnerships with corporations, government entities and other universities both national and international;
  • formulates, implements, and administers policies regarding patents, copyrights, and intellectual property rights, and technology transfer in research agreements with private sponsors, collaborators, and in joint ventures;
  • oversees policies and creates mechanisms that encourage the commercialization of research;
  • administers federal and state regulations relating to research activities;
  • supervises the Office of Sponsored Programs;
  • oversees and approves the submission of all research and grant proposals as the universitys official signatory;
  • and monitors progress of all large research grants and contracts.


The Dean of Graduate Education

  • provides leadership for Graduate School policies planning. Works with the Academic Deans and the designated graduate department representatives to develop the operating policies of the Graduate School;
  • reviews departmental degree programs and degree programs and proposals for new degree offerings;
  • is responsible for providing a quality overview for all graduate programs. This includes standards on academic courses, thesis quality and entrance admissions requirements;
  • is responsible for representing the university in graduate education issues, for example, as a member of the Doctoral Council of the State of New York;
  • has administrative responsibility for the Office of Graduate Admissions and provides a point of appeal in admissions decisions between the academic departments and Graduate Admissions;
  • serves as the Institute-wide appeal position for academic disputes involving graduate students and faculty members or departments.
  • Is responsible for developing a resource acquisition fund-raising program which complements and works with the programs in the individual schools;
  • And is responsible for the allocation of teaching assistantships and Institute-wide fellowship funds;


Qualifications of the V.P. for Research and Dean of Graduate Education Candidate

The Institute seeks a candidate with:

      an excellent record of involvement in the promotion and attainment of excellence in research and scholarship;

      an appreciation of the diversity of forms and circumstances of research and scholarship conducted at a technological research university;

      demonstrated leadership and administrative ability;

      a record of achievement in building research teams to successfully compete for external funding;

      experience with federal and industrial research grants and contracts;

      a proven track record of working with entities that support research within federal and state government, industry, and especially with respect to development of research partnerships;

      the capability to work with administrative units and faculty to strengthen the university as a major technological institute of the highest quality in research;

      the eligibility for a tenured faculty appointment in an academic unit and possessing a strong record of research;

      an earned doctorate and have an outstanding record of teaching, research and scholarship.