Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Year 2004 Direction


Our Mission (Why do we exist?)


Rensselaer exists to educate the leaders of tomorrow for Technologically based careers.


Our Vision (What do we want to be?)


Rensselaer leads the world in technological entrepreneurship for the 21st century.Our campus, overlooking the Hudson River yet connected to the world is populated by world class faculty and a student body with intellect and vigor.The faculty is intellectually and culturally diverse.They have enormous energy, and pioneer and sustain leading edge pedagogy, research, and scholarship in fields that exemplify the New Century.Synergy abounds through cross disciplinary integration of Rensselaerís unique resources.The students are transformed through learning and discovery and excel in leadership positions in the global marketplace where technology plays a central role. The staff is highly skilled and offers leadership and innovation in support of Rensselaerís mission.Alumni enjoy a lifelong connection to Rensselaer in pursuit of meeting their ongoing educational needs.The historic, green-roofed campus includes state of the legacy of Stephen Van Rensselaer and Amos Eaton.The citizens of Rensselaer foster the growth, creativity, and prosperity of a diverse community and global society that encourages intellectual and social development of all its constituents.