Transportation Headers


  1. Move offices, including furniture, files and supplies.
  2. Pick up supplies from receiving and deliver them to destination.
  3. Set-up, take-down and move tables and chairs for parties and campus functions.
  4. Apply paint stripes.
  5. Haul materials by truck.
  6. Patch pot holes; blacktop roller operation; seal coating.
  7. Install signs.
  8. Maintain equipment at proper working and safety standards.
  9. Snow removal: shovel snow, salt ice by hand and with truck, chop ice, operate snow blower and snow plow; move snow; install snow steps and snow fence.
  10. Promptly report instances of vandalism/theft of Institute property.
  11. Comply with standing instructions provided by operating manuals, safety rules and regulations for personal protection.

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Moving Work Order Request
Transportation/Shuttle Bus Request
Details of Our Duties
Core Competencies
Manager - Joe Flanigan

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