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Rensselaer Recycles!

What Can I Recycle?
RPI Recycling Guidelines
  1. Please clean out and rinse all recyclable containers.
  2. Please do not put food wastes or other non-recyclable items into the bins. Doing so makes all the materials worthless.
Container Recycling
Glass, bottles and jars
Metals, tin and aluminum cans
Plastics, Containers with the numbers, 2 or 3 printed on their underside, plastic shopping bags.
Paper Only -Recycling Includes
White (office) paper
Computer paper
Envelopes (with clear windows removed)
Soft cover books
Recycling Pick up Tuesday
Cardboard Only Recycling
Corrugated Cardboard
Remove all Styrofoam from corrugated boxes, flatten and place in tan dumpsters marked Clean Cardboard Only or in building cardboard collection area.
What Can't I Throw out Legally?
Electronics including Monitors, TVs and Large Items or Large Quantities
Call 276-2284 OR 2000 to have them picked up.
Email fixx@rpi.edu or recycling@rpi.edu
Computer Monitors
Television Sets
Microwave Ovens
Appliances Containing Refrigerants
Other Hazardous Wastes
Including compact fluorescent light bulbs, paint, oils, chemicals
Call 276-6427 Environmental Health & Safety.
Hazardous Waste
Industrial Waste
Regulated Medical Waste
Liquid Waste
Gasoline or any other Fuels
Propane and/or Propane Tanks


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