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Confidential Files

Rensselaer generates a large volume of confidential files. If the paper is recyclable, we try to recycle this material. There are two ways to do this:

Shred your own
If you have your own shredder, you can place the shredded paper right in your recycling bin, even in a plastic bag. If you don't have a shredder, you can look into borrowing one from another department.

Send it out
If you can't shred your own files or if the volume is too large for it to be practical, we can arrange for a confidential shredding company to do the shredding for you. They will come pick up your files, take them to their facility and shred them, and send us a certificate of destruction. You will be responsible for paying for this service.

The procedure for arranging a pick-up with the Company is as follows:
1. Contact the Greening Office and tell us how many boxes of files you have and where they're located.
2. The Greening Office will contact the company and arrange a pick-up date.
3. The Greening Office will contact you and tell you when the company can come.
4. On the day of the pick-up, the company will contact you directly to tell you when they will arrive and get exact directions.
5. The company will send us a certificate of destruction and a bill, which the Greening Office will forward to you.

If the paper is not at ground level and you cannot get it to ground level, we will need to arrange for the moving crew to move it or there will be an additional charge.

Send e-mail to recycling@rpi.edu if you'd like to arrange a confidential material pick up.



Steve Davis daviss@rpi.edu
(Greening Coordinator)
Webmaster: devrid@rpi.edu

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