The following is a catalog of books available in the Environmental Education Center. In addition to using the subject listings below, you may want to use your web browser to search for a particular keyword since many of the books cover broad issues but are only listed under one subject.
EEC books can be checks out for 2 weeks. We are located in Sage, Room 2512. Our phone number is 518-276-2027.

  • Bhopal: The Inside Story. Carbide workers speak out on the world's worst industrial disaster. TR Chouhan, et al. 1994
  • Briefing Book on the Military-Industrial Complex. Gary Chapman and Joel Yudken. 1992
  • The Closing Circle. Barry Commoner. 1974
  • Earth in the Balance. Ecology and the Human Spirit. Al Gore. 1992
  • Environmental Almanac. World Resources Institute. 1993
  • Environmental Costs of Electricity. Pace Center for Environmental Legal Studies. 1991
  • The Fisherman's Problem. Ecology and law in the California fisheries. Arthur McEvoy. 1986
  • Greening Cities (3 copies). Building just and sustainable communities. Joan Roelofs. 1996
  • The Greening of America. Charles A. Reich. 1970
  • Home! A Bioregional Reader (2 copies). Andruss/Plant/Plant/Wright. 1990
  • The Hudson River: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Relating human use to a natural resource. Hudson River Environmental Society. 1985
  • Introduction to Planning History in the United States. Donald Krueckeberg, Ed. 1985
  • Life After '80. Environmental choices we can live with. Kathleen Courrier, ed. 1980
  • The Limits to Growth. Donella Meadows, et al. 1972
  • Mankind at the Turning Point. The second report to the club of Rome. Mesarovic/Pestel. 1974
  • Natural Areas of Rensselaer County. Claire Schmitt. 1992
  • Our Ecological Footprint (2 copies). Reducing human impact on the Earth. Wackernagel/Rees. 1996
  • Reclaiming Our Cities and Towns. Better living with less traffic. David Engwicht. 1993
  • Rivers of Empire. Water, aridity, and the growth of the American west. Donald Worster. 1985
  • The Uncertain Promise of Law. Lessons from Bhopal. Jamie Cassels. 1993
  • Why Do We Recycle? Markets, Values and Public Policy. Frank Ackerman. 1997
  • Wild Lands for Wildlife. America's national refuges. National Geographic Society. 1984
  • The Citizen's Guide to Planning. Herbert Smith. 1979
  • Environmental Problems: Grassroots Solutions (2 copies). The politics of grassroots environmental conflict. Cable/Cable. 1995
  • Fighting Back in Appalachia. Traditions of resistance and change. Stephen Fisher, ed. 1993
  • The Green Revolution. American environmental movement 1962-1992. Kirkpatrick Sale. 1993
  • Students Shopping for a Better World. Dellabough et al. 1992
  • Farms of Tomorrow. Community supported farms, farm supported communities. Groh/McFadden. 1990
  • The New Organic Grower. A master's manual of tools and techniques for the home and market gardener. Eliot Coleman. 1995
  • The Permaculture Way. Practical steps to create a self-sustaining world. Graham Bell. 1992
  • Taylor's Guide Series: Bulbs, Herbs, Gardening Techniques, Water-Saving Gardening, Vegetables.
  • Your Organic Garden. With Jeff Cox. Rodale Garden Books. 1994
ALTERNATIVE ENERGY (see also Technology)
  • Alternative Energy Sourcebook. A comprehensive guide to energy sensible technologies. John Schaeffer, ed. 1992
  • Direct Use of the Sun's Energy. Farrington Daniels. 1964
  • An Economic Model for Passive Solar Design in Commercial Environments. Dept. of Commerce. 1980
  • Fueling Development. Energy technologies for developing countries. US Congress. 1992
  • New Low Cost Sources of Energy for the Home. Peter Clegg. 1975
  • Producing Your Own Power. How to make nature's energy sources work for you. Carol Hupping Stoner. 1974
  • Your Energy-Efficient House. Building and remodeling ideas. Anthony Adams. 1975
  • Campus Ecology (2 copies). A guide to assessing environmental quality and creating strategies for change. April Smith & SEAC. 1993
  • Campus Environmental Yearbook (2 copies). Students, staff and communities working for a sustainable future. Campus Ecology. 1996
  • Greening of the Campus Conference 1996 Proceedings. Ball State University. 1996
  • Greening of the Campus Conference 1997 Proceedings. Ball State University. 1997.
  • Alternatives to the Peace Corps. A directory of third world and US volunteer opportunities. Lowenthal/Tarnoff/David, eds. 1996
  • Earth Work. Resource guide to nationwide green jobs. Moody/Wizansky, ed. 1994
  • Environmental Career Directory. A practical, one-step guide to getting a job preserving the environment. Morgan/Palmisano. 1993
  • Green at Work. Finding a business career that works for the environment. Susan Cohn. 1992
  • Internships 1997. Over 25,000 opportunities available now in today's most exciting fields. Sara D. Gilbert. 1997
  • Jobs You Can Live With (4 copies). Working at the crossroads of science, technology and society. Student Pugwash USA. 1996
  • The New Complete Guide to Environmental Careers. Environmental Careers Organization. 1993
  • The Peace Corps and More. 175 ways to work, study and travel at home and abroad. Benjamin/Rodolfo-Sioson. 1997
  • Working in Asia. A fact-filled guide to working opportunities. Nicki Grihault. 1996
Chemicals (see also Water Quality)
  • Arsenic in the Environment. Part 1: cycling and characterization. Jerome Nriaga. 1994
  • Clean and Green (2 copies). The complete guide to nontoxic and environmentally safe housekeeping. Annie Berthold-Bond. 1990
  • Home Environmental Hazards. How to find radon, asbestos, lead, electromagnetic fields, etc. in your home and your neighborhood. Roberta Altman. 1990
  • Silent Spring (2 copies). Rachel Carson. 1962
  • Toxics A to Z. A guide to everyday pollution hazards. Harte/Holdren/Schneider/Shirley. 1991
  • Environmental Address Book. How to reach the environment's greatest champions and worst offenders. Michael Levine. 1991
  • Environmental Grantmaking Foundations Directory. Environmental Data Research Institute. 1996
  • The Economics of Public Issues. Roger LeRoy Miller. 1993
  • Tanstaafl (There ain't no such thing as a free lunch). The economic strategy for environmental crisis. Edwin Dolan. 1971
EDUCATION (see also Science and Engineering)
  • Earth Algebra. College algebra with applications to environmental issues. Schaufele/Zumoff. 1993
  • Ecological Literacy. Education and the transition to a postmodern world. David Orr. 1992
  • Energy: Sources and Issues. Science syllabus for middle and junior high schools. NYS Dept. of Education. 1986
  • Every Day is Earth Day. Kathy Ross. 1995
  • Fifty Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth. The Earthworks Group. 1990
  • Recycle! A handbook for kids. Gail Gibbons. 1992
  • Save Our Planet. 750 everyday ways you can help clean up the earth. Diane MacEachern. 1992
  • Saving Our Ancient Forests. Seth Zuckerman. 1991
  • Business Ethics. Concepts and Cases. Manuel Velasquez. 1992
  • Environmental Ethics (2 copies). K S Shrader-Frechette. 1991
  • The Fate of the Earth. Jonathan Schell. 1982
  • Nature's Economy. A history of ecological ideas. Donald Worster. 1977
  • Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. Annie Dillard. 1974
  • Rethinking Ecofeminist Politics. Janet Biehl. 1991
  • Radical Ecology. The search for a livable world. Carolyn Merchant. 1992
  • Science, Technology, and Ethical Priorities. Proceedings from SPUSA's ninth international conference. Student Pugwash USA. 1997
  • Taking Sides. Clashing views on controversial issues in science, technology and society. Thomas Easton. 1995
  • Unless and Until. A Baha'i focus on the environment. Arthur Dahl. 1990
  • Walden. Henry David Thoreau. 1854
  • Abolition 2000. A handbook for a world without nuclear weapons. IPPNW. 1995
  • Annual Editions 94/95 Series: American Foreign Policy, Environment, International Business, Comparative Politics, Global Issues, World Politics
  • Democratizing Development. The role of voluntary organizations. John Clark. 1990
  • Elephants in the Volkswagen. Facing tough questions about our overcrowded country. Lindsey Grant. 1992
  • Global Environmental Politics (2 copies). Dilemmas in world politics. Porter/Brown. 1991
  • Global Visions. Beyond the new world order. Breher/Childs/Cutler, eds. 1993
  • The Nuclear Power Debate. Moral, economic, technical and political issues. Desaix Myers. 1977
  • One Earth Many Nations. The international system and problems of the global environment. Sierra Club. 1990
  • Promises Not Kept. The betrayal of social change in the third world. John Isbister. 1995
  • The Reluctant Nation. Environment, law and politics in Australia. Phillip Toyne. 1994
  • Seminars on the Interaction of Industry, Government and the University in a Technologically Oriented Society. Elias Schutzman, ed. 1967-68
  • Vital Signs. The trends that are shaping our future. Brown/Flavin/Kane. 1996
  • Women and the Environment: A Reader. Crisis and development in the Third World. Sally Sontheimer, ed. 1991
  • World Politics. Trend and Transformation. Kegley/Wittkopf. 1993
  • World Resources. A guide to the global environment - the urban environment. World Resources Institute et al. 1996
  • Adirondack Wilderness. A story of man and nature. Jane Keller. 1980
  • The Control of Nature. John McPhee. 1989
  • Desert Solitaire. A season in the wilderness. Edward Abbey. 1968
  • Encounters with the Archdruid. Narratives about a conservationist and three of his natural enemies. John McPhee. 1971
  • Ishmael. Daniel Quinn. 1993
  • A Sand County Almanac. Aldo Leopold. 1966
  • Under the Sea Wind. Rachel Carson. 1941
  • Diet for a Small Planet. High protein meatless cooking. Frances Moore Lappe. 1975
  • Much Depends on Dinner (2 copies). An extraordinary history and mythology, allure and obsession, perils and taboos of an ordinary meal. Margaret Visser. 1986
  • Beyond Compliance. A new industry view of the environment. Bruce Smart. 1992
  • Coming Clean. Superfund problems can be solved. US Congress. 1989
  • Controversial Issues in Environmental Policy. Science vs. economics vs. politics. Kent Portney. 1992
  • Environmental Policy in the 1990s (2 copies). Kraft/Vig. 1994
  • Law of Chemical Regulations and Hazardous Waste. Donald Stever. 1982
  • Local Government Handbook. NYS Dept. of State. 1982
  • Now and For the Future: A Vision for New York's Coast. Recommendations of the governor's task force on coastal resources. 1991
  • The Wisdom of the Spotted Owl. Policy lessons for a new century. Steven Yaffe. 1994
  • The Edge of the Sea. Rachel Carson. 1955
  • Environmental Engineering Abstracts. Comprehensive coverage of essential scientific literature. Engineering Information. 1993
  • Environmental Geology (2 copies). Carla Montgomery. 1992
  • Environmental Science. A global concern. Cunningham/Saigo. 1990
  • Environmental Science. Turk/Turk. 1983
  • Environmental Science and Engineering. Henry/Heinke. 1989
  • Geohazards: Natural and Human. Nicholas Coch. 1995
  • Ion-Selective Electrodes. National Bureau of Standards. 1969
  • Human behavior and the Environment. Interactions between man and his environment. Sims/Baumann. 1974
  • Invention as a Social Act. Karen LeFevre. 1987
  • The Book 3. Garbage, Trash, Refuse, Waste, Discards, Rubbish and Junk. Nichols-Dezenhall. 1994
  • Deadly Defense. Military radioactive landfills. Radioactive Waste Campaign. 1988
  • Handbook of Solid Waste Disposal. Materials and energy recover. Pavoni/Heer/Hagerty. 1975
  • Handbook of Solid Waste Management. David Wilson, Ed. 1977
  • Living Without Landfills. A special report by the radioactive waste campaign. Marvin Resnikoff. 1987
  • The Very Real Danger of the Proposed Green Island Incinerator. 1996
TECHNOLOGY (see also Ethics and Philosophy, Alternative Energy)
  • Technology for a Sustainable Future. A framework for action. National Science and Technology Council. 1994
  • Technology and Choice. Readings from technology and culture. Stine/LaFollette. 1991
  • Technology and the Future. Albert Teich. 1993
  • Understanding Technological Politics. A decision-making approach. Patrick Hamlett. 1992
WATER QUALITY (see also Chemicals)
  • Handbook of water Resources and Pollution Control. Gehm/Bregman, ed. 1976
  • Instructional Resources Monograph Series: Activated Sludge. EPA. 1980
  • Selected Analytical Methods Approved and Cited by the EPA. American Public Health Association, et al. 1981
  • Treatment Techniques for Controlling Trihalomethanes in Drinking Water. EPA. 1981
  • Wastewater Aerosols and Disease. Proceedings of a symposium. EPA. 1979
  • Water and Waste Methods and Techniques. 52nd Annual WPCF Conference. 1979
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