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  1. Examine vehicles and identify extent of damage or malfunction; road test vehicles and/or use diagnostic equipment and visual inspection; Plan work procedure; complete complex necessary repairs to return a vehicle to operating condition.
  2. Schedule, conduct and perform regular preventative maintenance on all vehicles; make needed repairs to comply with the state vehicular regulations.
  3. Raise vehicle with hydraulic jack or hoist to gain access to mechanical units on the underside of the vehicle; remove unit such as engine, transmission, or differential; disassemble unit and inspect parts for wear.
  4. Working under the Truck Repair or replace parts such as piston rods, gears, valves, and bearings.
  5. Overhauls or replaces carburetors, blowers, generators, distributors, starters, and pumps.
  6. Rebuilds parts such as crankshafts and cylinder blocks.
  7. Rewires ignition system, lights, and instrument panel.
  8. Relines and adjusts brakes, aligns front end, repairs or replaces shock absorbers, and solders leaks in radiator.
  9. Mends damaged body and fenders by hammering out or fillin in dents and welding broken parts.
  10. Replaces and adjusts headlights, and installs and repairs accessories such as radios, heaters, mirrors, and windshield wipers.
  11. Respond to emergency calls to service vehicles at various campus or off-campus locations.
  12. Perform emergency repairs and preventative maintenance on mowing equipment, field maintenance equipment, heavy industrial equipment, campus diesel generators and snow removal equipment.
  13. lawnmower Maintain inventory of parts; order and receive parts; pick-up or deliver parts; follow standard operating procedures to accfess inventory including computerized inventory system.
  14. Keep manual and/or record of services performed on each vehicle or engine.
  15. Instruct and guide the work assigned to the auto mechanics
  16. Inspect and qualify each RPI vehcile certifying that such vehicles have been inspected and are in compliance with all New York State regulations; affix New York State Inspection sticker to each inspected vehicle.
  17. Interview vendors and sales representatives for a variety of automotive parts and equipment.
  18. Report any problems or difficulties to the supervisor.
  19. Comply with safety rules and regulations for personal protection and safety of other employees.
  20. Maintain equipment, supplies and work area in a neat and orderly condition; return equipment, tools and materials to the proper storage area.

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