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Auto Shop personnel must demonstrate proficiency in many areas. This proficiency must be re-evaluated on a regular basis. These include service and technical knowledge, a strong customer focus and personal credibility.
Service and Technical Knowledge includes an understanding of the use and operation of all auto equipment, being capable of road testing any and allRensselaer Vehicles equipment and vehicles, troubleshooting of complex mechanical problems and identifying the need for outside service, utilization of basic computer skills and the ability to serve as a resource for junior auto mechanic in technical areas.
Customer Focus includes striving to perform safe, timely and cost effective work that meets the clinets needs and Rensselaer's goals. It takes personal responsibility for customer satisfaction and develops communication channels to fully understand customer expectations.
Personal Credibility includes complying with all time and attendance requirements, respecting the rights of co-workers and customers and acting in a courteous manner, exhibiting pride in services provided and speaking positively of Rensselaer, following through on commitments and service promises and ensuring the next shift receives a complete and accurate status report of activity.

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Our Staff
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