Auto Shop
The Rensselaer Auto Shop is an integral part of the support given to Rensselaer's maintenance crews. It is here that our Trade Shops and Repair crews pick up their vehicles for their daily use on campus. The Auto Shop is responsible for keeping all vehicles and equipment in operating condition.
More Pictures This could mean anything from examining vehicles and identifying the extent of damage or malfunction, road testing vehicles, the use of diagnostic equipment and visual inspection, and completing complex necessary repairs in order to return a vehicle to operating condition. They also schedule and perform regular preventative maintenance on all vehicles and make needed repairs to comply with State vehicular regulations.
Staff working in this area must have an in-depth knowledge of auto and diesel mechanics, internal combustion engines, and flexibility in dealing with emergency situations. They must be constantly aware of safety issues for self and co-workers.
The Auto Shop is located in the rear of the Alumni Sports and Recreation Center (Armory) on main campus. They maintain the division vehicles consisting of approximately 39 trucks and 300 mechanized pieces of equipment.

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