Upper and Lower Renwyck Fields

Robison Field The Robison Field is located on the corner of 17th Street and Eagle Street, off main campus and just North of Samaritan Hospital. See Campus Map. It is one of the best college fields in the State of New York.
The Robison field is currently used for Varsity and Junior Varsity baseball.
This field has recognized the most improvement of all the fields in the last three years. This includes improvement of the playing surfaces, the installation of 200 feet of privacy fence, landscape beautification, the installation of an equipment storage shed, adding clay and soil conditioners to the infield, repairing of the driveway at the main entrance, automatic irrigation and the replacing of the backstop, outside field and foul line fencing. Staff, Anthony D'Amico and Warren Bull, are straightening the tarp on home plate after a rain fall in this picture.
For scheduling use of this field see the Athletic Department web site.


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