Upper and Lower Renwyck Fields

Harkness Track and Field The Harkness Track and Field is located North of the Field House. See Campus Map. This multi-use facility has a safe and playable surface usable in all weather.
It is currently used for varsity track and field, men's and women's soccer, women's field hockey, men's and women's lacrosse, occasional men's football, intramural sports, and has recently been designated as the venue for Rensselaer's annual commencement ceremony.
This field is rented to high schools and other colleges in the area for games and practices. It is open to the community for fitness walking and jogging. On the picture to the left you can see the eight tracks that encircle the field for walking and jogging.
Harkness Track and Field
Harkness is well used and is soon to run its life expectancy. The artificial playing surface in generally in good condition and kept that way through weekly inspection to repair deteriorating carpet seams and adhesive. It will need to be resurfaced in the next couple of years along with repairing the black vinyl fencing and fence posts that border the field.
For scheduling use of this field see the Athletic Department web site.


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