Upper and Lower Renwyck Fields

Doris Robison Outfield The Doris Robison Field is located East of the Armory. See Campus Map. It is currently used by the Rensselaer Woman's softball team and the Armory Little League association in the summer months for community service.
This field has recognized extensive renovations including the installation of an irrigation and drainage system, a warning track, an electric service for scoreboard, new backstop, new perimeter foul-line fencing, beam clay infield, pitcher's warm-up area along with the repairing and painting of dugouts and landscape beautification.
Beam Clay infieldCurrent priorities include Rensselaer staff meeting with the little league staff to repair and paint concession building, paint bleachers and install scoreboard in right field.
Picture at top is of the lush green outfield of this softball field. Below to the right are Jack Holstein and John Lennox dragging beam clay infield.
For scheduling use of this field see the Athletic Department web site.


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