Athletic Field Maintenance

The Athletic Field Maintenance department is responsible for providing Rensselaer intramural, club, and varsity athletes with the best possible playing surfaces on a consistant basis. They provide all users with a safe, playable and aesthetically pleasing venue.
These fields comprise approximately 50 acres of the Rensselaer campus. It has been determined that 80 percent of Rensselaer students play either varsity, intramural or club sports and that the student's quality of life would be increased through the efforts of improving the fields used for these sports.
A concerted effort to improve the quality of intramural and varsity fields began in April of 1999. This initiative included an aggressive aeration and top dressing program, heavy over-seeding program, outsourcing of fertilization and weed control, more frequent mowing schedule, an aggressive irrigation program and an extensive renovation of the Doris Robison Field (formerly known as the Armory Field.)
The increased interaction between the Athletic Field Maintenance staff (part of Environmental and Site Services) and the Athletic department staff began a cooperational marriage between the two that has enabled great things to take place in these fields. Each Spring brings continued efforts to constantly improve these playing facilities.
For setup and use of these facilities, you should contact the Athletic Department at Rensselaer.


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