Environmental Courses at Rensselaer:

School of Management and Technology

80 Managerial Policy and Organization

80685 Environmental Management and Policy Documents, assesses, and explains recent changes in executive positions, programs, and tactics concerning environmental management. Topic areas include environmental audits and quality assurance programs, regulatory compliance and corporate strategy, community right-to-know initiatives, relation of energy planning to environmental externalities. (Cross listed as 93685. Students cannot obtain credit for both this course and 93685.) Spring term annually. 3 credit hours

80686 Environmental Disputes Management Applies the field of conflict resolution to environmental disputes. Topics include nature of entrenched parties, role of public entities, lessons from hazardous waste disputes, models of resolving disputes, the case of global warming. (Cross listed as 93686. Students cannot obtain credit for both this course and 93686.) Fall term annually. 3 credit hours

80687 Managing Environmental Law To give the private-sector manager the skills to deal with transactions that involve environmental law. Intended for non-lawyers who want an appreciation for how legal issues should be factored into corporate decision making. While the course will provide an overview of environmental law as a discipline, its principal focus is to develop practical skills. Spring term annually. 3 credit hours

80688 Management of Environmental Technology The challenge facing environmental managers today is how to use their understanding of nature and appropriate technology to protect and revitalize natural systems. This course gives students a comprehensive view of trends in technology application and regulation and environmental debates by the people making environmental policy. Oral presentations required. Fall and spring terms annually. 3 credit hours.

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