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The Office of Financial Aid at Rensselaer offers a number of merit scholarships targeted for first-year women students. To find out more about these scholarships, please contact Rensselaer’s Financial Aid Office at 518-276-6813 and request to speak with a financial aid officer.

The Director of Women in Engineering Programs manages a number of corporate scholarships which are available for continuing undergraduate female students, sophomores through seniors, who are majoring in specific engineering disciplines and/or related fields, such as physics, computer science, information technology, and math. The purpose of offering these scholarships to young women is to encourage diversity in technical fields where women are traditionally underrepresented and which better reflects the diverse population of our nation. Currently, women represent 49% of the workforce in the United States, yet less than 10% of engineers are women.

At Rensselaer, engineering students are encouraged to explore various engineering majors during their first three semesters to see where there is a good fit with students’ personal interests and talents. Students are not required to declare a formal engineering major until the end of their third semester. As a result of this policy, corporate scholarships for continuing female students are typically not awarded until after the student has declared a formal engineering major.

Additionally, the corporations who provide these merit scholarships would like to target students whose technical interests match their own. Companies hope that scholarship recipients will consider their corporations for possible employment opportunities upon graduation and many of the scholarships require the student to participate in a summer internship at corporate sites around the United States.

The Office of Minority Student Affairs also offers corporate scholarships for young women and minority youth.

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Our Financial Aid Office also recommends that students take advantage of FastWeb, a World Wide Web service to facilitate scholarship searches.

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