Writing to the World Wide Web
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Spring '97 Course Schedule

Note to Students: This schedule is subject to change. All changes will be announced well in advance. Consult it frequently.

Week 1: January 13: Introduction and Course Overview.

  • For today, post an email message to me describing your experience with the Web, and with HTML. If you have experience creating web pages, tell me what platform (Mac, Windows, UNIX) you're most comfortable using, what tools you use (MS Frontpage, Adobe Photoshop, etc.). And finally tell me briefly why you're taking this course and what you hope to get out of it.

January 15: Introduction and Discussion: What is writing on the Web? Who reads writing on the Web?

Week 2: January 20: No Class. Martin Luther King Holiday.

January 22: Overview of homepage setup. Reading patterns for web texts.

Week 3: January 27: Discussion: Rhetoric and language use on the Web.
  • For Wednesday, read chapters 1 and 2 in Designing Business.

    On Wednesday there will be a quiz over the above readings, on the online syllabus, and on general topics we've discussed in class so far.

January 29: Rhetoric, audiences, and the Web. Also, Quiz 1

Week 4: February 3: Rhetoric, audiences, and the Web (continued).

February 5: Guest speaker Philip Garfield, freelance media consultant, will speak on Web-related jobs.

Week 5: February 10: Rhetoric and Web graphics.
Note: Final Web Project Teams and Proposals are due today.

February 12: Rhetoric and Web graphics (continued).

Week 6: February 17: No Class. Holiday.

February 19: No Class. Group Conferences.

Week 7: February 24: Web graphics (continued).

February 26: Web graphics (continued).

  • For Monday, read chapter 4, "Information Design", in Designing Business.

  • By Monday, complete quiz 3 via email to me.

Week 8: March 3: Web graphics (conclusion).

  • Quiz 3 due today before class begins.

  • For Wednesday, read "A Heuristic Evaluation of a World Wide Web Prototype."

March 5: Usability Engineer Emilie Gould discusses developing prototypes of websites.

Spring Break

Week 9: March 17: Graphics and Web development methodologies.
  • Skim Chapter 6, "Integrated Views: Case Studies" in Designing Business.

March 19: Guest speaker John December discusses web development methodologies.

  • For Monday, read Chapter 5, "Interactivity Design" in Designing Business.

  • For Monday, there will be a 20-point quiz on what we've covered since the last quiz.

Week 10: March 24: Discussion of navigation and interface design.
Quiz 4 due today.

March 26: Emilie Gould discusses usability testing.
Note: Final Project Design Specification Document due at 5 p.m. Friday. Turn it in to my mailbox in the Ll&C office.

Week 11: March 31: Guest speaker Sue Mings discusses online newspapers and testing.

April 2: Usability testing. for websites.

  • For Monday, there will be a 20-point quiz on the above readings and presentation.

Week 12: April 7:Conferences and workshop. Also, Quiz 5 due today.

April 9: Conferences and workshop.

Week 13: April 14: Workshop day.

April 16: Workshop day.
Beta Website and usability test plan due today. Turn test plan into my mailbox; email me the URL of your website.

Week 14: April 21: In-class website testing. Also: Course evaluation.

April 23: In-class website testing.

Week 15: April 28: Last Day of Class. Course Wrap-up.

April 30: Final Project Due at 5 p.m.

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