Writing to the World Wide Web
Quiz 1

This 20-point quiz is collaborative, meaning you can work with others in the class to complete it. In addition, you can use any resources at your disposal (the Web itself, your book, email, etc.) to come up with your answers.

Instructions: Complete your quiz via email to me (huntk). In the "Subject" line, write "your name: Quiz 1". Also, keep a copy for yourself by including your userID in the "CC:" line.

  1. Remember the day we looked at and discussed MCI's Gramercy Press website, the Lego website, the Troy Boys and Girls Club website, the "Friends" pages, and the Jolt Cola site? What were the two factors that I stressed were important to consider when evaluating how effective a website is? Explain how those factors figured into how effective any one of those sites were. (2 points)

  2. Last week I had you do an exercise where you looked up information on sport utility vehicles. What did that exercise suggest about the way people use the web? (2 points)

  3. The other day, we looked at the CarTalk website and concentrated on the language used conveyed a certain character for the site. Give three examples of words or phrases or grammatical conventions used on those pages, and describe the sort of character these words, phrases, etc., convey. Also, what does this language use tell you about the type of audience the designers of this website are appealing to? (4 points)

  4. Write the HTML code needed to display a table on a web page. (The table can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.) (2 points)

  5. Explain the attendance policy for this class. (2 points)

  6. How many total points is your final group project worth, and what is the actual point breakdown?(2 points)

  7. Explain what Clement Mok means by "identity design."(2 points)

  8. Mok presents a four-phase framework or system for collaborating on a design project. Briefly explain each phase. (4 points)

    Bonus:Who is Ralph Nader? (2 points)

    Brownie Point Bonus: Name your favorite website, describe what you think its purpose is and who it is designed for. What sort of language conventions are used that give you a clue about its purpose and intended audience?

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