Writing to the World Wide Web
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Projects and Grading

Quizzes Throughout the semester, you'll take a series of five quizzes based on class discussion and on the assigned readings. Each quiz will be worth 20 points. All quizzes will be announced in advance. Quizzes cannot be made up unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Tentative Quiz dates:

  • January 27th.
  • February 3rd.
  • February 26th.
  • March 19th.
  • April 7th.
Total Points: 100

Web Critique After we spend the first month or so of class discussing rhetorical strategies for designing an effective Web site, you'll use these strategies as a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of a Web site of your choice. This assignment includes providing a profile of the audience(s) you believe the site is designed to appeal to, evaluating how effectively (or ineffectively) the designers of the site provide the audience(s) with a product that is appealing, useful, valuable, etc.; and providing the examples on which you base your assessment. Due date: February 12th

More details of this assignment will be given at a later date.

Total Points: 100

Home Page Design and Construction Yes, you'll get the opportunity to create your own home page as part of this course. Since we'll be emphasizing how the Web can be used to provide something of value for a specific Web community, you can use this opportunity to create a page that serves the information or entertainment needs for an audience of your choice. This assignment includes articulating the community of users you're constructing your page for, the purpose of your page and the rhetorical strategies you employ on your page to appeal to that community of users. Due date: March 5th

More details of this assignment will be provided at a later date.

Total Points: 100

Web Design Project During the last half of the semester you'll work in groups to collaboratively design, develop, test, and implement a Web site for a community, government, business, or service organization in Troy or the immediate area. You'll be free to form your own group of two to four students and select a project to work on. This project will be completed in three stages. Your group will work together and in collaboration with the staff of the organization you're developing the site for to create
  • a project proposal. Due Date: February 10th; Total Points: 50.
  • a design document for the site. Tentative Due Date: March 26th; Total Points: 200.
  • a plan, for testing and evaluating a beta version of your Web site. Due date: April 16th; Total Points: 50.
  • a beta version of your website. Total Points: 100.
  • a completed Web site that will go online for the whole world to see. Due date: May 1st; Total Points: 200

There will also be other preliminary deadlines assigned during the course of the project. More details on this project will be provided as the semester progresses.

Total Points: 600

Class Participation and Attendance You'll be expected and required to attend and participate in class. I realize that people participate in different ways depending on their own personalities and interaction styles. Thus, you'll have a variety of ways to participate in this class: taking part in class discussions, and small group discussions, participating in "virtual" class sessions in MOO space, and posting your thoughts on any aspect of the class to the class discussion list. You're encouraged to make the most of all opportunities you'll have in this class to interact with others. See the attendance and participation policies for specific details.
Total Points: 100
Total Points Possible for Course: 1000

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