Writing to the World Wide Web
March 5th Recap: Emilie Gould:
Usability Design and Prototyping

Media Characteristics:

Web pages can both linear (as are paper-based texts) and discursive (non-linear, hypertextual). Images provide information in the frame and can play an active role in moving the reader through the links.

Functionality Considerations

The amount of functionality you can build into your pages at this point is unlimited. However, from the user's point of view, what is possible is not always what is desirable. For example,

Usability Principles

Webpages combine text and interface/program characteristics. The design of pages draws on principles from: The two disciplines are merging together, as documentation has gone online and interfaces have been designed for new, less technical audiences. Technical communication focuses on: Human factors focuses on:

Development Methodologies

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