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Personal Website Creation

Due: Wednesday, March 19th at 5 p.m.
Total Points: 100

For this assignment you have four options, listed below. Choose one of them. Note that each option includes two parts:

I will be evaluating your page creation/revision based on the rationale and explanation you provide. Here are your options:

  1. Create a personal website from scratch. Provide a rationale for your design, based on the checklist below (which is similar to the checklist you used when doing your web critique assigment). I'm expecting that you'll probably at mininum create one main page, and two or three other pages linked to this page. What do I mean by "personal website?" Well, it depends on your audience. Think of your interests, passions, etc. and how you can convey those to a specific Web community that shares in those interests. You might create a list of resources for people who drive a Plymouth Neon, or express your opinions on sexism in AOL chatrooms, or use the page to promote your shareware Java applets to others who may want to use them.

  2. Revise your current homepage(s) based on the issues we've discussed in class. If you choose this option, save your current page(s) before you start so that you provide me with a "before and after" comparison. As part of this assignment, you will provide an evaluation of your original page, based on the checklist which follows below. You'll also explain how you revised your page based on this evaluation.

  3. Similar to the above assignment (again, start by saving your original webpage(s)), revise your current page(s) for an entirely different audience. For example, if your page is designed for an audience of your peers (college students in their early 20s) revise the content and design to appeal to your 70-year-old grandparents who have just gotten an America Online account. Again, provide me with a rationale and evaluation of your revised page, based on the checklist below.

  4. Revise the initial page of any other site you find on the Web, again based on the issues we've discussed in class. For example, you might want to revise the page you chose to critique in the first assignment. Again, as part of the assignment, you'll provide an evaluation of the original page. You'll also explain how you revised your page based on this evaluation.

Website Explanation and Rationale Checklist

Based on the above checklist, compose your evaluation and rationale as a Web page. In your evaluation, consider establishing links to the examples of how language, graphics, etc., are used on your pages. Email me the URL for both the rationale and the website by Friday, March 7th at 5 p.m.

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