Writing to the World Wide Web
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Web Critique

Due: Monday, February 17th at 5 p.m.
Total Points: 100

Find a Web site -- a series of linked pages created by an organization, company, institution, or individual - that you find interesting, unusual, poorly designed, well-designed, etc. Using as a guide the rhetorical principles we're discussing in class - considerations of the audience's values and how appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos mesh with these values -- as well as anything you've read so far that might help you out, evaluate how well the site serves its purpose. Use the following checklist as a guide for completing your critique.

Based on the above checklist, compose your critique as a Web page (or pages). In your critique, consider establishing links to the examples of how language, graphics, etc., are used at the site you're critiquing. Although I won't be evaluating your critique on how effective your page(s) look or are structured, I encourage you to think through and take advantage of the ways you can complete this assignment using the characteristics that the Web affords. In other words, I encourage you to develop a critique that differs from one that you would normally compose on paper.

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