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Bestiary I

Mick Doherty <doherm>

Fri, 25 Oct 1996 14:03:51 -0400

Just FYI, as of 2:00 PM Friday, two hours past the original deadline (I got hung up in line at the Financial Aid Office -- wotta shock!) -- I have received Bestiary lists from those listed below. If your eddress is not on the list, you should still post; send it DIRECTLY TO THE LIST. I will not forward any further posts unless they were obviously caucht in a queue somewhere for hours ...

And again, try to make your list without reading the ones I will forward in the next post

18 posts (Alison, not sure why you posted twice?)

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9 webbj Fri Oct 25 00:02 35/1437 "beastiary"

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15 mishkm Fri Oct 25 11:28 39/1603 "bestiary"

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17 Fri Oct 25 11:49 33/1489 "Gibson Trilogy Bestia"

18 boothj Fri Oct 25 11:55 32/1046 "bestiary"

19 Fri Oct 25 12:25 61/1914 "Bestiary, Gibson work"

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Bestiary II (LONG!)

Mick Doherty <doherm>

Fri, 25 Oct 1996 14:10:50 -0400

Paul Alexander Abell <>


Here is the Beastiary as I see it:

New AI (Wintermute/Neromancer join) ---- "Gods" (most advanced life)

Loas (AI remnants from W/N join) --- "lesser gods" (supreme beings)

Total Human Conversion (Virek) --- "spirits and elementals"

Ghosts (Colin) --- "faeries and nymphs"

Constructs (Dixie) --- "magical heroes"

Advanced Computers (Continuity) --- "mortal Man"

Drones (Slamhound, ultralight) --- "animals"

Remotes (Judge robot) --- "insects and plants"

Human Implants (Molly's enhancements) --- "microbes"

Biosoft --- "viruses"

I think that is it! Good luck with all of this1

-- Paul

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Tony Bartling <>

Wintermute/Neuromancer Merger -- this is the highest, since they merged with

the matrix, the most complex representation

of technology that Gibson presents.

3Jane in the Aleph -- She's got the intelligence of a human, but

Bobby she isn't, really.


Various AI's -- They've got a large degree of intelligence

and personal freedom, but again, they are

fully contained in computers.

Dixie Flatline Construct -- I rate these here, because without added

Finn stuff (memory, a deck, etc.), they have no

capacity to remember their recent actions or


Peter Riviera -- He was quite the cyborg, with his hologram

machine wired directly into his brainstem.

Molly Millions/Sally Shears -- She was 'borged to the max, too, although

her add-ons weren't quite as visually

spectacular as Riviera's.

The Aleph -- It was capable of forming a symbiotic bond

with anyone who joined it, but without that

bond, it was just a piece of metal.

Wintermute's Peripherals -- They seemed to act with their own volition,

so they _were_ rather complex, but they needed

Wintermute for complex actions.

I think that's it.


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Matt Costa <costam>

Matt Costa

Bestiary assignment

Sci/Fi VR Fall 1996


First, I apologize in advance if I've missed any obvious character during my descriptions, but you have my notebook (I'll try my best to do this from my head).

Well, let's begin with a definition of what "bestiary" means:

/afs/ (23) webster bestiary

bes-ti-ary \'bes(h)-che^--,er-e^-, 'be^-s(h)-\ n, pl -ar-ies

[ML bestiarium, fr. L, neut. of bestiarius of beasts, fr. bestia]


1: a medieval allegorical or moralizing work on the appearance and

habits of real or imaginary animals

2: a collection of descriptions of real or imaginary animals

I began this project by imagining that cyberspace is the sea, and everything else is either land or air. Certain creatures that live in the sea can also live on land (amphibians), while other sea creatures can only exist in the sea. Some of these sea creatures require air periodically (dolphins, whales) but spend the majority of their time in the ocean.

Thus, I will rank all characters based on combined intelligence and overall influence. When I talk about influence, I mean influence in their respective environment, as well as outside of it (e.g., a killer whale has a good deal of influence in the ocean, but also has a profound influence on seals unlucky enough to be sunbathing on the shore).

In the text to follow, I will name the major characters of each of the books, and compare them to an animal (with an explanation of my choice).


Ender (Grizzly Bear) - Like the Grizzly Bear, Ender goes

into cyberspace to catch his "fish" (the buggers).

Buggers (bees) - This comparison was made in the book (they live

in colonies and have a queen leader).

Other humans (wolves) - The only way they can gain power over

Ender is to unite. Some use their cunning to make Ender do

things he doesn't want to do (Graff).


Wintermute (humpback whale) - He is a powerful yet

peaceful part of the matrix.

Neuromancer (Great White Shark) - He prowls the matrix for prey

(and finds it with Jackie).

Dix (Sea Lion) - Capable of extreme ferocity, he can also be trained

to do what you want.

The Finn, before novel's end (vulture) - He lived off of the

software people gave him.

The Finn, after novel's end (ocean) - He became the matrix!

(BTW: I know the ocean doesn't classify as an animal, but

that's what he is).

Riviera (chameleon) - He can alter your perception of him.

Case (dolphin) - He spends most of his life in the ocean, but

must surface for air (the real world) sometime.

Julius Deane, Molly, Ratz, Armitage (genetically altered lab

rats) - All four characters were altered to either prolong

their life (Armitage and Deane) or to enhance themselves

(Molly and Ratz).


Wintermute - see previous description.

Virek (snapper turtle) - Since he lives in a swamp (his life

support tank), he doesn't have much interaction with things

outside of it. However, if you're in that swamp with him

he'd probably overpower you.

Angie (eagle) - Although she nests on land, she can take to both

the air and sea for food.

Wig, Bobby, Jackie, other console jockies, Virek's assistant

(dolphin) - same explanation as Case above.

Turner and military commandos (wolves) - They are cunning and



Bobby (killer whale -> lobster) - He had profound influence over the

matrix (once Gentry keyed him in) as well as his surroundings

(like when he dropped the fridge on the bad guys at the end).

However, when he becomes part of the matrix, he is as far removed

from real life (land) as he could be.

3Jane (Great White) - She is a predator in her environment.

The Finn (ocean, as before)

Angie (dolphin initially, but a lobster at the end) -

Initially she lived in the matrix quite a bit, but was always

a land creature. At the end, she became part of the matrix,

never again able to reach land again.

Colin (sea lion, see Dix's explanation)

Sally and Mona (altered lab rats) - Biologically enhanced.

Gentry (dolphin) - Jacked in quite a bit, but needs the real

world every now and then to survive.

All other humans (zebra) - Most of the other characters (as far

as I could remember) were on the run at some point, or being



Hiro, Gargoyles, Da5id (dolphins) - As explained earlier.

Raven, Rat Things, Rife, Uncle Enzo (lion) - They are

land creatures (ie, real world) of enormous power.

Y.T. (rabbit) - She is always delivering things for Enzo;

constantly on the move.

Y.T.'s mom (colonial bee) - She works hard to please her

master (Feds, equivalent to the queen bee).

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Garden Gnome <andret>

Gibsonian AI Bestiary


NOTE: the following are ranked in terms of artificial intelligence not overall intelligence. That is Molly may indeed be more intelligent than Rudy's cyberdogs but she is more natural intelligence than artificial intelligence.

Wintermute/Neuromancer combined entity

The Other (intelligent entity in space)






3jane/Bobby/Angie/Finn in the aleph

The Finn construct in Mona Lisa Overdrive

Josef Virek's construct

The Dixie Flatline construct

The intelligent attack jumpjet in Count Zero

Rudy's cyberdogs


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Laura Dubnoff <>


I wasn't that clear on Prof. Porush's assignment I realized when I sat down to do the list, but here is what I have. I have put an example of each type of mechanized beast.

Super God-like intelligence: Neuromancer/Wintermute entity

Neuromancer/Wintermute leftover: legba

AI: Continuity

AI construct: Colin

Human Construct: Finn (in Mona Lisa Overdrive)

Human/computer terminal: Angela Mitchell

Artificially sustained person: Josef Virek

Artificially improved person: Molly

Human: Kumiko

Laura Dubnoff

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Dennis Payne <>

Bestiary of the Matrix

by Dennis Payne <>


Those programs that execute instructions with any understanding beyond the current command. They have no learning capabilities.


Those cappable of understanding a situation and learning good and bad solutions. Constructs such as Dixie, the Finn and Colin fall in here.


Not only can these learn from current situations they are creative. True AIs are here including Wintermute/Neuromancer.

[Note: That is all that I believe there are. Now this leads to some confusion as to what Winter/Neuromancer were before the change. Also the loas are hard to place. I think that's more likely because we don't know enough about them.]

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Kenneth W. Flynn <>

>From most sentient to least:

Post Mona-Lisa Overdrive Bobby, Angie

Wintermute-Neuromancer Combo

Wintermute, Neuromancer


Loahs, Boxmaker

Constructs (Flatline, Finn)

Vehicle computers (Ahmed, Turner's plane, etc.)

Ice, Ice-breakers

Armed Remotes

Claws (Medical tools)

Permanent Implants/Human Enhancements



I can't think of any more. Thanks,


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Agent Webb <webbj>

This was supposed to be a list of the types of AIs in the trilogy, am i right? I'm not sure exactly what this was supposed to be or how in-depth...

Wintermute/Neuromancer - the highest level of AI we see.

AI citizens (Wintermute pre-merge) - I think that Wintermute

alone may have been the next highest form.

Voodoo Gods (Brigitte) - these seemed to be pretty intellegent entities

3Jane Ghost - Higher than Dixie or FInn ghosts because of 3Jane's

higher in life intellegence (maybe some other factors too).

MaasBiotech Personal Assistant(Colin) - was able to compete with 3jane

quite well.

Most Ghosts (Dixie Flatline, Finn) - still can't write poetry (but neither

can I ;).

AI Ices- able to modify defensees (wasn't black ice like this?)

Robots - little or no AI. (Judge, Corpsegrinder, etc)

>> Continuity- should be above Colin below or equal to 3Jane i think.

did i forget anyone?

-jon webb-

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Alison Elaine Gugel <>


As requested, here are a few of the categories that I broke Gibson's

characters into and one character for each category:

AI Gods: Wintermute

Loas: Pappa Legba (p. 255 Mona Lisa Overdrive)

AI Ghosts: Colin

Constructs: Dixie Flatline

Entities within the matrix sometimes seen as holograms: Virek

Biotechnology implants: Angie

Biotechnology manipulation: T-A

Cowboys using the cyberdeck: Jammer

Characters with plastic surgery: Armitage

Average characters: Marly

Robots: the Corpsegrinder

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Xanatos <gentrj>

Jeff Gentry


"Gibsonian Beastiary"

Okay, well I suppose this is it. I decided to put my categories in order of "godlike powers on the matrix" (decreasing) until the last few, where that just wouldn't make sense. I'm sure that you, gentle reader, will see what I'm talking about.


1. "WinterMancer" (my own words) ... this is the joining of the two AI's, wintermute and neuromancer. This entity was released into the matrix, and would have/had godlike powers. It was even able to detect "similar" entities out near Alpha Centuari - and seemed to have a desire to communicate with these beings. It is my belief that this union was short lived, and spawned the "loas" (see below).

2. The Loas. The Loas, in my opinion, were created by the splintering elements of "wintermancer." For whatever reason, they took their "pantheon" of gods and chose to represent themselves as voodoo deities. They then roamed free around the matrix, making deals and mucking around with the humans who did business there. It was this ability which makes them seem as powerful as the original, but I have a feeling that each one individually was not as powerful as wintermancer, since each loa is supposedly a part of the latter.

3. Biosoft AIs. These AIs were created using the biosoft technology given to Mitchell by either the loas or wintermancer. There is little to no evidence to say that they were more powerful then the older AIs (wintermute and neuromancer) except that 1) they are newer, and 2) biosoft was supposedly a lot more powerful then earlier tech. On the other hand, it was noted on at least one occassion that these newer AIs wer e a bit more naive, not having as much experience as the older ones. Continuity would be an example of one of these AIs.

4. "Old" AIs. The AIs that we see at the beginning of the trilogy makes up this fourth class of machines. They demonstrated great power in Neuromancer, when the two "main character" machines (wintermute and neuromancer) singlehandedly masterminded the whole plot to join up and release themselves on to the matrix. Together, they formed the entity that I placed in entry #1, having almost total godlike powers on the matrix. But even separately, each of the two machines demonstrated the capacity to control just about anything it wanted on the matrix itself.

5. "Jackless decker". This class of beings is basically represented by just one person - Angie Mitchell. Due to the veves drawn in her mind by her father (on request by another entity, presumably #1), Angie had the ability to connect to the matrix (and be connected with by the loas) without having to "jack in" like the deckers. I don't think that she had total control over what happened, however - it seemed as if her matrix explorations were pretty much limited to dreams, although it still appeared as if those dreams had greater potentital then any decker had - and on top of that was her relationship with the loas. In my estimation, Angie was the most powerful human entity on the matrix - and probably did not even realize it.

6. "Vat And Net Construct". Apparently, I just gave a very fancy name to Josef Virek. Virek claimed to have existed in a vat, however, we always seem him in some sort of matrix hologram. It was my belief when reading the novel that he did not really in fact live in a vat as he said, but rather was some sort of construct - somewhere in between a true AI and the ROM constructs. Virek sought the powers that the loas had, thinking that it would make him immortal, but it was shown that he himself had pretty far reaching power on the matrix. Eventually, he killed the wrong person in the matrix and ended up being killed in revenge by one of the loas (baron samedi).

7. Deckers. Your average joe "console cowboy" ... jack in to the trix w/ a plug in your cortex, and all that jazz. This class is made up of a myriad of characters in the books: Case, Bobby, Jammer, Jaylene Slide, Ramirez, Gentry, etc etc. All of them had the ability to manipulate things in the matrix using their wits, minds, imaginations, and manual dexterity (for the keyboard). While not as powerful as the AI "deities", nor virek or Angie - they did seem to have more ability then the next category down, that of the ROM construct, due to their ability to "think on the fly" rather then being hardwired.

8. ROM Contructs. This category basically consists of ROM chips which contain the encoded personalities of various people. In the books we see several of these, notably Dixie Flatline and the Finn. They seem to think, like an AI, but rather are incapable of "original thought" on their own, since everything that is possible for them is hardwired into the ROM. Also, when power is not applied, they lose their memory of what has happened, due to the same reasons. It is for these reasons that I do not place them above the humans.

Here is where I start moving away from the matrix topic ....

9. Biosoft "near" AI. I am referring to the "ghosts" ... seen in MLO as Colin the tour guide. Technically he did make his way onto the matrix, but I do not think that is a very average thing for these devices to do, so I put them on the non-matrix list. However, were they to be plugged into the matrix w/ regularity, I do feel that they would rank up just ahead of Angie Mitchell. These devices seem to be hovering around the level of an AI - such that they would be "almost" to Continuities level. They could very well be the same tech or better as continuity, but there is not enough evidence in the books to support either way, so I will go w/ my gut feeling and say that I feel they are slightly lower beings. Some self awareness was shown on the part of these guides, but it is unclear to what extent the AI can go. To me, this is one of the most interesting "entities" in the gibsonian universe.

10. "Chrome Augmented" humans. These are humans who went under the knife to have various parts of their body replaced with "chrome." Examples of this would be Molly, who had her eyes replaced w/ a set of glasses grafted on her head (complete w/ all sorts of imaging, sighting, etc gear) and also had razors implanted under her fingernails. All the various simstim stars as well as the reporters also had augmentation w/ their eyes, for purposes of recording. Throughout the novels there was another myriad of these sorts of characters, as this is not too uncommon a being in any cyberpunk novel.

11. "Non Chrome Augmented" humans. These humans underwent massive surgery, but it wasn't for natural augmentation purposes. Generally, it seemed to be the people who got blown apart and needed "rebuilding." Good examples of this specific category include Turner and Armitage. This also is not all that uncommon in cyberpunk fiction.

12. Cyberdogs. These dogs were built by Turner's brother in Count Zero. He would create various technologies and implant them on his dogs, making them the canine equivalent to #10 above. It was noted that there were no longer any birds around because the dogs were too efficient at killing them off.

13. Remote Control Robots. This final category is for the robots built by Slick. While not intelligent at all - they were remote controlled by humans, they still had the ability to devastate a small corporate raiding party. Not much can really be said about them, beyond that they sounded really cool. :)

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Daniel M. Cohen <cohend3>

The following is a list of AI Beastialities.

1. The AI in Alpha Centauri.

2. The WinterMute NeuroMancer Matrix entity.

3. WinterMute

4. NeuroMancer

5. Linda construct/AI at the end on Neuromancer

6. Case construct/AI at the end of Neuromancer

7. 3Jane in the Aleph

8. Colin in the Aleph

9. The Count in the Aleph

10. Angie in the Aleph

11. The Loas

12. The box Maker from the T-A memory site.

13. Virek in Cyberspace.

14. Microsofts. Mitchell's Dossier

15. The Rom-Generated Simstim construct used by Turner in Count Zero.

16. Dixie Flatline construct

17. Finn Construct

18. The black boxes that Kumiko's father had in his office.

19. The plane Turner flew.

To what extent have we not obtained Gibson's Cyberspace? We haven't been able to trick all the senses into believing that they were somewhere else. We haven't created an AI that is as intelligent as the Tessier-Ashpool's Neuromancer-Wintermute AI. We haven't the ability to allow people's consciosness to leave there body.

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Stacy Woodworth <>

This is my list of characters in order of the intelligence of their computer parts.


other AI in alpha centauri


ghosts (Colin)

Bobby Newmark in the aleph

constructs (Dixie and the Finn)

Joseph Virek

Angie with her biosoft chip

Anyone with a stimsim implant

the limosine than ran by itself

Slick's robots (judge and witch)

Helicopter that followed Angie

Kumiko's face

Molly's implants

Stacy Woodworth

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I'm not sure exactly how to do this assignment. I know we are supposed to break the Gibson characters into intelligence categories. Are we supposed to explain each category? I'm doing it by telling who's in each category.

Here's my attempt:

1. Artificial Intelligence Gods: Neuromancer and Wintermute

2. Loas: Mamman Brigette, Pappa Legba

3. Constructs: Dixie, Finn (second and third books), Collin

4. Biotechnologically manipulated beings: Angie and her cousin Coninuity

5. Technologically manipulated beings: Tessier-Ashpool, Case, Molly, Armitage,

Mona (after surgery), Turner, Billy (in third book), Finn (in first book),


6. Normal beings: Marly, Billy (in first and second book)

7. Robots: the Judge, the Corpsegrinder


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Matthew Seth Mishkin <mishkm>

Here is my Bestiary

(I worked on it with Bankim Tejani, that is why it appears similar)

Supreme AI Wintermte/Nueromancer

demi-AI Brigitte

construct Dixie

demi-construct Finn

Personal Evolving AI Continuity

Artificial Tour Guide Colin

demi artificial Tour Guide Prior's Limo

immortal Herr Virek

Illusionist Riviera

Biosoft Angie Mitchell

cyborg Molly

horse Angie Mitchell

flesh puppet Molly

enhanced watch dog Rudy's dogs

Guide Bot Braun

Vision Enhancement Molly's Glasses

Artificial living environment/graphical Aleph

Artificial living environment/physial vats

Robot The Judge

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sGorman <>


Someone emailed the bestiary BEFORE noon! So, here is mine anyways, I tried to keep what I had before.

AI God: Neuromancer, Wintermute

Loas: Legba

Upgraded Guide/Ghost: Colin

Constructs: Finn

Implants: Angie, Molly

MicroSofts: Lupus Yonderboy

Cyborgs (Cyberspace Cowboys): Case

Robots: the Judge, the Witch, the Corpsegrinder


helloworld@movie_worx (workgroup) (email) (www)

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Bill Moller <>

Gibson Trilogy Bestiary

* Supra AI (Neuromancer) => The most fully developed intelligence in Gibson's universe. Has a genuine understanding of "everything".

* Loas (Legba) => Pieces of the Supra AI Wintermute/Neuromancer after they were disassociated.

* AI Guides/Ghosts (Colin, Continuity) => Fairly developed intelligence. Could pass for a human.

* BioSoft Carriers (Angie) => Such technology allows these humans to interact with the Matrix continuously.

* Unmodified Human Beings (Kumiko) => Normal people with normal intelligence.

* Stored Constructs (Dixie) => Human-like intelligence, but sometimes they forget. They definitely aren't perfect copies.

* Robots (The Judge) => These creations have no intelligence, but characters like Slick are able to instill them with human qualities.

~Bill Moller

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sick boy <boothj>

Intelligence Heirarchy




People in the LF (3Jane, Bobby)

Biotech interface to cyberspace (Angie)

Someone jacked in (Case, Virek in vat)

Construct on-line (Dixie)

Augmented human (Molly)

Human (Marly)

mechanical robot

When Case is jacked in, he is more intelligent than molly because he has

access to incredible amounts of information and data. When he is in the meat

world, Molly is more intelligent because her eyesight gives her access to more


Jesse Booth

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Drathos <>

Fri, 25 Oct 1996 15:41:53 -0400 (EDT)

sorry it's a little late...

here's what i managed to pull together:

Godlike AI: WinterMute/Neuromancer

Demi-god: 3Jane

High level AI: Colin

Mid-Level AI: Continuity

Advanced Construct: Finn

Simple Construct: Dixie Flatline

i know there's more, but i had a hard time following the books and this

was all i could remember..


| ///, //// |

| Drathos \ /, / / |

| ( \ /, _/ / |

| \_ /_/ / |

| I watch the world go round and round \__/_ / |

| And see mine turning upside down /<<< \_\ |

| -Genesis (Throwing It All Away) /,)^>>_._ \ |

| (/ \\ /\\\ |

| May your way be green and golden... // ```` |

| ((` |


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Bestiary, oops

satan boy <>

Fri, 25 Oct 1996 15:23:51 -0400 (EDT)

i knew i forgot to mail something last night. :)

well, here's my belated list, i didn't bother to edit it to not include the duplicates, so forgive the spam.

WinterMute/Neuromancer -- GodLike AI's

Dixie Flatline -- Construct, simple - no memory, no creativity

Finn -- Construct, complex (MLO)

Colin -- AI, high level

3Jane -- Human/Demi-goddess of matrix

Angela -- Bridge between human world/matrix

Molly -- Enhanced human, bladegirl

Count Zero, Case -- Cyberdeck Cowboys

T. Ashpools -- Human clones

Continuity -- Mid level AI

Legba, Samedi -- Horsemen (AI splits from wintermute/neuro)

Grande Briggite -- Horseman but more, "I am of a different order"

Josef Virek -- Human/Matrix Entity

in no particular order, just as i thought of them...

### #####

######## #####

#### ### ######

######## ####### i have stood here before inside the pouring rain

###### #### ### with the world turning circles running 'round my brain,

##### ######## i guess i was hoping that you'd end this reign,

### ##### but it's my destiny to be the king of pain... Police

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