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The students of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are not illiterate! Simply because we attend a technological school does not mean that we study and enjoy only Math and Science. The members of the Fall 1996 Science Fiction Virtual Reality class have illustrated that their horizons are much broader than the numbers. Literary concepts, such as those expressed in science fiction, can lead to complex essays and other areas of development. The Fall 1996 class web site creators would like to illustrate some of these ideas.

Quake: Good or Bad? by Ted Cooper
How are virtual environments, such as IRC, influencing the perception of gender? by Sarah Takatani

Cyber art is a large movement in the art community now that the Internet has made such a splash in society. Some people might believe that something they've generated on a computer is cyber art. Well, it is obviously art, but when simply displayed on the Internet, it is just that--art being displayed on the Internet. Cyber art is art that uses the Internet (in this case) as an integral part and/or tool in the implementation and meaning of the piece.

Art Exhibition: Anti-Technology by Sarah Takatani
Warning! Clicking on this link will eventually crash your computer.... :)
Each page illustrates the progression of technology, its destructive quality demonstrated by causing the user's computer to crash. "I realize that people might become angered if they are not told that this cyber art piece might crash their computers. However, that is my point. I want them to get mad at the technology they are using to view my art piece, to realize their dependence. It doesn't really matter if they get mad a me because my point has been made." ~Sarah Takatani, 1996.

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