So what exactly is a flame, anyway?

This is what SOME people think...
Flame:  1) n. The part of a fire that extends upward as a series of colors
	ranging from blue to orange.
	2) n. (Internet) An attack of another based on personal ideas,
	beliefs, and/or expressed thoughts.
	3) v. (Internet) The act of writing/sending/responding to a flame.
  (Paul Soucek)

I have to disagree with Paul's definition of a flame.  Flames can be hotter
than a blue flame, all the way up to a white flame.  :)

Seriously though, you might want to clarify 2 by saying a
verbal/written attack.  It would hardly be a flame if I were to show
up in class and punch you for not including white in your spectrum of
flames.  I promise not to do that though.  :)

Also, for 3, I don't think we should include responding to a flame.  I
think it is possible to respond to a flame in a civilized manor without
flaming the original party.
  (Allan V. Kotmel Jr.)

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