Ethos is your on-line persona. The origin of the word dates back to the Greeks. Ethos was the delineation of your character, sentiments of your moral nature, and the guiding beliefs, standards and ideals that provided you, your group, or your people an ideology. It was a balance between your passions and your cautions.

In cyberspace, Ethos is your on-line persona. The self-created image you choose to present is only what you choose to reveal. The on-line persona is a partial personality with a unique sense of false intimacy. While a person's thoughts, opinions and work are transmitted, physical appearance can be as visible or as unknown as you choose to make it.

Not only what you say and how you write reveal who you are, but also where you send your messages. The places you haunt and the company you keep add to the overall construction of the on-line persona.

Your Ethos evolves in asynchronous, synchronous and website communication.