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Most files are MS PowerPoint .ppt, some MS Word .doc, Adobe .pdf and plaintext .txt files.

Employment Information

Student Career Information. Professor Connor (ECSE Chair) has a great collection of career links on his personal web page. They are listed about midway down his page under the title Student Career Information.

Course Projects participation available through the ECSE Design class

Description of ECSE Design 2005-2006 blimp steering project.

Description of ECSE Design 2005-2006 blimp vision project.

Miscellaneous Information

    A brief discussion on switch (contact) debouncing can be found at: Switch_De-Bouncing.pdf. Many more references on the subject can be found on the web by doing a simple search on "switch debouncing".

    The textbook website: Cady & Sibigtroth - Software and Hardware Engineering: Motorola M68HC12. This has a link to a page with corrections to the text as well as source code files for the example programs and other useful information.

    Engineering Standards: IEEE Engineering Standards reference An initial site for design standards.

                                        Mathsoft Engineering Standards page Another site for design standards.

    Embedded systems design: The Ganssle Group consultants. A wealth of information on designing embedded systems on both software and hardware. There are historical discussions and anecdotes on many issues, including eminent software bug disasters

    The RAM Guide: Microcontroller Selector Guide 24 pages. Product info for 8-, 16-, and 32-bit products.

    Motorola Transportation Systems Electronics and MCUs in autos. Many system diagrams. How many MCUs are there in a typical car?

    How to Destroy Your Computer