Lecture Material

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Week: Topics

1: Introduction

      MPS Introductory lecture

2: Interrupts, Timers & System Clocks

      C8051F120 SYSCLK modes summary

      Timer mode summary

3: Serial I/O - Asynchronous & Synchronous

      C8051F120 UART configuration summary

      C8051F120 SPI configuration summary

4: Analog Conversion, Reference Voltages & Multiply-Accumulate

      C8051F120 voltage references summary

      C8051F120 ADC & DAC summary

      2s Complement Converter Table

      MAC summary

5: Memory Bus Interfacing

      HC12 64kByte narrow schematic

      HC12 16Byte narrow & wide schematics; 2 chips

      16Byte wide schematic; 2 chips

      HC12 64kByte narrow schematic; 2 chips

      HC12 64kByte wide with LSTRB schematic; 2 chips

      HC12 32kByte wide with LSTRB schematic; 2 chips

      C8051 64kByte narrow schematics

      Memory decoding glue logic

      Memory address blocking

      Memory decoding glue logic truth-table template

6: LCD Screen, Keypad, & Key Wakeup Interrupts

7: Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus

      CAN lecture slides

(End of Lectures)