Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
ECSE-4790 Microprocessor Systems (MPS)
Fall 2017

Course Instructor

      Kyle Wilt
      wiltk2[at], x2170
      Office Hours: Tues. 2:30-4:30, Thurs. 2-4

Teaching Assistants

          Yogish Didgi                 (didgiy[at]
          Rohit Suryadevara         (suryar[at]


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Local MPS Links

    Lecture and Summary files

    Course Handouts, Manuals and Lab Exercise files

    The Computer Studio web site with lots of reference material for the course studio hardware

      Key items are: CStudio_parts_list.html, SDCC Compiler, Silabs, and data sheets.

    A few project reports from previous semester with some informative reference material

      The files are either MS PowerPoint .ppt, MS Word .doc, Adobe .pdf or plaintext .txt files.

    Course material for Embedded Control

      These files are provided as references to the prerequisite material for MPS.

    Miscellaneous Information

    Why is MPS so challenging?

    10 Software Tips for Engineers

    10 C Language Tips for Engineers

    10 tips for maximizing battery life

Remote (but interesting) Links

    The Silicon Laboratories (SiLabs) web site where all the latest download may be found.
    SiLabs C8051F120 software.

    The Small Device C Compiler (SDCC) web site where all the latest download may be found.
    Just the SDCC.

    The RAM Guide:

    How to Destroy Your Computer

    Historical (but interesting) 68HC12 Processor Links

    Motorola has drastically changed its web site. The links below no longer work but most of the information is still available, but the site must be searched to find it. Start at and on the left side menu select "Products" -> "Microcontrollers" -> "8-Bit (M68HC05, M68HC08, M68HC11)" then select the "M68HC11 Family" option on the page that opens up. Using the same menu there is a lot of information on the M68HC812B under "16-Bit (HCS12, M68HC12, M68HC16, DSP56800)".

    Motorola's summary of the M68HC11 product line. Over 600,000,000 of the 6811s, and over 2,000,000,000 Motorola MCUs in all, have been sold.

    MC68HC11A8 Technical Data Book 795KB. 157 pages.

    MC68HC11 Reference Manual 3.8MB. 512 pages.

    MC68HC11A8 Technical Summary 498KB. 45 pages.

    MC68HC11EVB Evaluation Board User's Manual 1.3MB. 103 pages.

    Motorola Microcontroller Selector Guide 24 pages. Product info for 8-, 16-, and 32-bit products.

    Motorola Transportation Systems Electronics and MCUs in autos. Many system diagrams. How many MCUs are there in a typical car?