...Only one course endangers your life on a weekly basis. Only one course repeatedly blows every circuit breaker in DCC 308. Only one course hands you every electronic component you need to build anything you want and says "GO." You may have heard the screams and explosions from DCC 308 or JEC 5107. This is INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING ELECTRONICS.

IEE (ENGR-1310) is a one credit pass/fail course taught by the legendary Bill Mielke, and offered every semester at Rensselaer. Each week, IEE students are subjected to one lecture and one lab. Lecture demystifies everything from a simple 555 timer to a flash camera to a magnetic levitator, then lab lets you go ahead and build it all for yourself. Don't worry if you don't know a breadboard from a breadbox, TAs are standing by waiting for your every stupid question.

For EE's, this is a hit-the-ground-running introduction to everything you'll be doing for the next four years. For all other engineering majors, it's a crash course in the electronics that will be inevitable in every project you ever work on. And for everyone else, it's a chance to understand the inner workings of everyday electornics, and make some awesome projects. No tests, no exam, no grades, tons of dangerous-cool electronic equipment - there is no excuse to not take this course.

"What cool stuff can I play with?"

IEE lab workstations
Regulated DC power supply
Digital multimeter
2MHz function generator
DC power supply
20MHz oscilloscope
Soldering iron
Protoboard and various electrical components

"Who is this Bill guy, anyway?"

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