What Makes Our Program Special?

Civil engineering has had a long and distinguished history at Rensselaer. The first civil engineering degrees were awarded by the Institute in 1835, and early Rensselaer graduates are remembered as vital contributors to the American Industrial Revolution and the westward expansion of the growing nation. This was highlighted in 1983 by the centencary of the Brooklyn Bridge, built by Washington Roebling, a Rensselaer civil engineer, and in 1993 by the celebrations surrounding the 100th anniversary of another Rensselaer civil engineer's achievement--the Ferris wheel.

The department has 14 full-time and 12 part-time faculty members, most of whom have received significant national and international awards and recognition for their scholarly work and teaching efforts, including the Young Investigator Awards by the National Science Foundation.

Our faculty serve in leading positions on national committees of professional socities and are in demand as lecturers at universities and at national and international conferences, as consultants to industry and government agencies, and as organizers of technical meetings.

The department's major research programs enjoy significant external support, possess outstanding facilities, and have large graduate student participation. Many of our Ph.D. graduates have assumed leading engineering and management positions in industry or have become faculty members at other prestigious universities.