Minor in Civil Engineering

Students not majoring in civil engineering may receive a minor in civil engineering by completing five courses selected from the following list (subject to consultation with a program adviser from the department):

33202 Transportation Engineering Fundamentals
33262 Geotechnical Engineering Fundamentals
33266 Introduction to Structures
38210 Environmental Engineering Fundamentals
33401 Foundation Engineering
33415 Experimental Soil Mechanics
33407 Structural Engineering I
33408 Structural Engineering II
33466 Traffic Engineering
33467 Highway Engineering

Students pursuing a minor must satisfy the prerequisites and/or corequisites for these courses, which may involve other course work. Courses in mechanics and structures taught by the School of Architecture may substitute for certain core engineering, mathematics, and mechanics/materials courses (with instructor approval). Students wishing a minor in environmental engineering are referred to the section regarding Environmental and Energy Engineering.