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Group of SA's

Ambassador_Group1.jpg You can sponsor a group of Science Ambassadors to represent your company during outreach programs.

Your company has the option of identifying the criteria for our Science Ambassadors (SA) - such as science major, academic standings, and career focus.

Once selected your Science Ambassadors will research and develop a presentation and hands-on activity to take into school classrooms. The activities will be branded with your company’s logo. We will also promote your company on the SA website.

School Outreach Visit

Inf_Disease_Team_1.jpg We conduct a number of outreach visits to elementary, middle, and high schools within the Northeast.

Through a one-time gift, your company can sponsor one of these visits. Funds will support the expenses of equipment, travel, and support for a group of ten to twelve Ambassadors to visit a school and inspire the next generation of scientists.

We impact 250+ students during each visit. Your company is mentioned throughout the visit and is designated as a Sponsor of the day on the SA website.

Professional Mentor for Outreach with Supporting Equipment

This sponsorship opportunity allows you to donate equipment (such as electronics, computer equipment, software, etc) and professional expertise from your employees. With employee guidance, our students develop dynamic outreach presentations.

Your company receives credit during the presentation and on the SA website. In addition, the finished presentation remains branded with your company logo and credits for future presenters.

To learn more about the various levels of sponsorship please download our SA Sponsors form or contact us.

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