Micro and Nano Fabrication

Clean Room

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Processes - Etch - Wet Etch - 5" RCA Wet Bench

For training on this equipment, contact the assigned module leads

5" RCA Wet Bench


Standard Processes

  • RCA Clean
  • Karo's Etch
  • TMAH etching
  • Silicon dioxide etching
  • Chromium etching
  • Aluminum etching

Approved Processes

  • Alumina etching using HF
  • GaN etching using phosphoric acid
  • Surface treatment using UCT 2494

Support Equipment

  • Two 5" heated baths with temperature controllers
  • 12" hotplate
  • Quick Dump Rinser (QDR) with controller
  • Aspirators

Training & Usage

Contact the module lead for the equipment and process you need.  Be sure to look for the process you need in the list above, click on the links above for processes that have online documentation.

Some processes require a step in a fume hood, for example RCA cleaning is required before oxidation in the Bruce or ASM furnaces, photolithographic developing is required after exposure in the Karl Suss aligner or the GCA stepper.  In these cases, the module lead for the primary equipment will train the user on the wet bench process (see training for Karl Suss mask aligner, GCA stepper, Bruce furnace, and ASM furnace).


Use of fume hoods is on a first come, first served basis.

Procedures & Documentation