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Processes - Nanolithography - Carl Zeiss Supra SEM with Direct Write Attachment

For training on this equipment, contact the assigned module leads

Carl Zeiss Supra SEM with Direct Write Attachment


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Commercial Laboratories

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Accelerating Voltage Range:  100 Volts - 30 Kilovolts

Probe Current Range:  5 pA - 20 nA

  • 1.5 nm @ 15 kV
  • 2.5 nm @ 1 kV
  • 5 nm @ 200 V (.020 kV)
Stage Travel:
  • X-axis:  130 mm
  • Y-axis:  130 mm
  • Z-axis:  50 mm
  • Tilt Range:  -4° to 70°


  • Inlens SE Detector
  • Everhart-Thornley Type SE Detector
  • Robinson Backscatter Detector
Windows-Based GUI

Fully customizable User Interface

Annotation and Measurement Software for sample documentation and analysis

SMARTTiff for offline analysis available

Nabity Pattern Generation System (NPGS) for Direct Write E-Beam


Personnel desiring training must contact the module lead to schedule a training session.  Training will consist of a total of three training sessions, with the module lead present at all training sessions.  The third training session will be used to judge user proficiency.  Once proficiency on the tool has been demonstrated, an account will be established for the user on the tool.  All accounts on the tool not used within a period of 1.5 semesters will be deactivated.  Once an account has been deactivated, training must be reperformed, or proficiency demonstrated withe the module lead prior to the account being reactivated.


Usage of this tool is scheduled through the use of Yahoo Calendar.  Contact the module lead for the correct username and password required.  If time has been reserved, it must be used.  If you are unable to make your scheduled time, please cancel it from the calendar.  If a scheduled user is more than 20 minutes late for their time slot, then another user may take the time slot, and the original user must reschedule.

Use the following guidelines when scheduling a time slot:
  • SEM Imaging Projects:  2 Hours Max
  • SEM Training:  3 Hours Max
  • E-Beam Lithography: 
    • On Mondays - Fridays, must be scheduled AFTER 3 pm.  DO NOT Schedule before 3 pm
    • May be scheduled during daytime hours on weekends
    • Limited to 5 Hours Max
Users MUST report problems with the equipment, if any of the following occur:
  • Accidents
  • Breakages
  • System failures
  • Software glitches
  • Any other equipment problems that may affect its operation, or cause delays to other operators

Procedures & Documentation

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