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Processes - Nanolithography - Dual Beam System

For training on this equipment, contact the assigned module leads

Carl Zeiss Ultra 1540 Dual Beam FIB/SEM System


Zeiss, Inc. 
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Commercial Laboratories

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General Information

Dual Beam system offers the unique capability of sculpting, patterning and fabricating structures at the nano- or micro-scale with the FIB and to analyze them simultaneously with the high resolution, non-destructive, SEM probe.

Dual beam system combines a high resolution secondary electron microscope and a focus ion beam with gallium metal ion beam source for nanoscale machining, patterning, and nanomaterials characterization. Materials can be milled or deposited while observing the evolution of the surface topography feature of the specimen with ion beam stimulated secondary electrons. Additionally, a highly focused electron column provides the capabilities for high spatial resolution secondary electron imaging as well as backscattered electron imaging for sub-micron depth characterization and transmitted electron imaging for micro-texture and grain boundary character determinations. Electron beam stimulated x-ray analysis using highly collimated energy dispersive spectrometer yields elemental information for atomic number grater than 12 in the work-point area.


GEMINI Electron Optical Column
  • Schottky type field emission gun
  • 1.1 nm resolution @ 20 kV; 2.5 nm @ 1 kV
  • High efficiency in-lens SE and BSE detector
CANION 31 FIB Column
  • Gallium liquid metal ion source
  • Minimum spot diameter better than 7nm
  • Energy range 8 keV – 30 keV
  • Beam current 1 pA to 50 nA
4 Quadrant solid state BSE detector

STEM Detector

AVI-image capture

Up to 8” wafer loadable

Gas injection system for 5 different gases

Oxford INCA Energy 250 EDX

Zyvex S100 Nanomanipulation system

Training & Usage

Please contact the responsible module lead to schedule a training session. After attending the training session, you are expected to return within one week to test in the presence of the module lead. You may NOT use the equipment unsupervised until you have successfully passed the test.

If you do not log onto the equipment for any sixty (60) day period, you forfeit your qualification and must schedule your next session with the module lead to re-test.


Reservations for the equipment may be made on the scheduling sheet next to the equipment, or by contacting the module lead.

Procedures & Documentation

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