Micro and Nano Fabrication
Clean Room

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General Information

The Micro and Nano Fabrication Clean Room utilizes a AG Associates Heatpulse 610 Rapid Thermal Processor to heat individual wafers up to 6 inches in diameter for short periods of time (typically 1 - 600 seconds, but can be up to 9999 seconds) at precisely controlled temperatures. 

These capabilities, combined with the heating chamber's cold-wall design and superior heating uniformity, provide significant advantages over conventional furnace processing. Key features include:

  • Closed-loop temperature control with pyrometer or thermocouple or thermocouple temperature sensing.
  • Precise time-temperature profiler tailored to suit specific process requirements.
  • Fast heating and cooling rates unobtainable in conventional technologies.
  • Consistent wafer-to-wafer process cycle repeatability.
  • Small footprint and energy efficiency


  • Steady State Temperature Range: 400  - 1200 C
  • Steady State Temperature Stability: +/- 7 C
  • Temperature Monitoring Mechanisms: Standard pyrometer (used above 800 C), and a thermocouple (used below 800 C)
  • Heating Rate: 1-200 C per second, user-controllable.
  • Cooling Rate: Temperature dependent; max 150 C per second
  • Steady State Time: 1-9999 sec. (1-600 sec. Recommended)

Training & Usage

Please contact the module lead to schedule a training session. After attending the training session, you are expected to return within one week with your own sample to test in the presence of the module lead. You may NOT use the equipment unsupervised until you have successfully passed the test.


Reservations for the equipment may be made on the scheduling sheet next to the equipment, or by contacting the module lead.

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